Age: 40
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Enslaved By Master
Occupation: housewife in training
Location: simi valley :(, CA. USA

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grace! New kitty adopted november 3 2018. She is 2 and her birthday is july 17th 2016. ♥

manchester died october 10th 2018 of lymphoma and complications from anemia. He was 16 years old and i rescued him at 9 days old. He truly saved my life after i saved his and things won't be the same without him.

sammy died march 10th 2008. he was 17 years old. he was a very good cat and ill always miss him.
she's super bad now, she's geared to really blow your mind
♥ mj
Lakers♥ 2009 & 2010 BACK to BACK nba champions! _ hooray!!

halo = down with the ♥ boococky #1 ♥

VintageBoi is my favorite forever.♥
it feels like someone closed up the shop
but we broke in
and we sit around
and get drunk off the old booze in the back and laugh all day
that's what talking to you on CoA feels like.
and then there are others meandering in and out

oh my gosh
are you not the most fabulous
it's amazing!!!!!

_she always always makes me blush ♥


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i like baking cupcakes. one day blow♥ will hijack a truck, kill the driver and make her way over to hollywood. then ill feed her delicious cupcakes with pink frosting before we go on an old fashioned killing spree. right now ill just practice my baking and keep my knife sharp. ♥

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all aboarRRd the QUOTE-BOAT!!

kit and kat convo corner

halokitty: oh my god i think im stoned
halokitty: i jsut went to check my email
kristen: oh yeah
kristen: off what
halokitty: master p
halokitty: they hd a new batch in at 4:20 ftp club
halokitty: so i am thinking email
halokitty: and so i go to the window for internet
halokitty: and isntead of yahoo.com
halokitty: i type
halokitty: email
halokitty: hahahaha
kristen: hahaha
kristen: thats stoney
kristen: i got so many good ideas for my book last night while stoned
kristen: i taped them
halokitty: im so glad my hand doesnt hurt
halokitty: hooray for master p
kristen: yay!
kristen: i need some foods
kristen: i had no foods yet
kristen: i dont know what i want
kristen: ig uess ill get some cereal and study
kristen: see you later
kristen: byyyeeeeeeeeee
halokitty: i lost your box!
halokitty: it totally lefT!
kristen: hmmm
kristen: and then i almost totally left
halokitty: i know i was trying to find it
halokitty: you kept popping up and i couldnt find your box
kristen: did you find the messages from before
kristen: you are too stoned
halokitty: anyway i finally got a pop up in time
halokitty: and then i got the box back
halokitty: nah
kristen: i mean sex and candy
kristen: its aa pretty gross song
halokitty: yeah its gross. smelling it. and stuff. chairs..
kristen: yeah its something i smell when im stoned
kristen: laying in bed. yeah thats sex. theres some candy.
kristen: oh and theres a french fry from in n out.
kristen: i find the greatest things in my bed.
kristen: he gets cat fancy from his mom and he jacks off to it
halokitty: wait WHAT?"
kristen: okay so his mom. she is like an amputee that lives in oregon.
kristen: shes a nice lady,
kristen: you wouldnt think it
kristen: because shes looks like a republican you know?
halokitty: hahah right.
kristen: so he likes cats so she said "Oh ill get him a subscirption to cat fancy"
kristen: and so he gets it and he opens it up. and jacks off to it.
kristen: kiska is being so loud
halokitty: OHHH KiSKA
halokitty: he know si am close
halokitty: he senses me
halokitty: like the moon and leslie
kristen: no. he is always loud
kristen: i mean maybe its that
kristen: but hes always been pretty (annoying) vocal
kristen: he'll get a pacl and walk down
kristen: pack
halokitty: my dad just told the dog to leave it. to me. like to leave me alone.
kristen: did it work?
halokitty: idont know
kristen: with kibbles
halokitty: i didnt know you did that with humans
halokitty: like say leav it
halokitty: to get them to walk away fomr a human
halokitty: i always thought that was like objects and food you do it for
kristen: you dont usually
kristen: did it work?
halokitty: he walks around with kibbles you mean like in his mouth
kristen: no he will get them and walk down the road looking for you
halokitty: ohhh
kristen: like a hobo
halokitty: yeah
kristen: no like a backpacker
halokitty: or maybe like those things you put on their backs
halokitty: yeah
kristen: like a hiker
halokitty: like how those dogs werd
halokitty: guide gods and stuff
halokitty: people relaly like it
kristen: kiska is a guide god
kristen: for sure
halokitty: people love it
halokitty: hiking and walking
halokitty: i dont know. i dont ENJOY it
kristen: i know they do
halokitty: i enjoy that im getting exercise with a purpose
halokitty: but..... i dont go "THIS IS FUN!!!"
halokitty: i say
halokitty: if i lived here
kristen: me either
halokitty: id be home now
halokitty: and get taht song in my head
kristen: yeah
halokitty: tahts why we get along
halokitty: we only walk for fancies
halokitty: and hang outs
halokitty: but not for FUN
halokitty: we walk TO fun
halokitty: im eating salsa
kristen: cool
kristen: i has cheese
halokitty: THE WHITE DELITE????
kristen: yep, swissy
halokitty: oh okay
halokitty: i was thinking about the white cheese mom cheese
halokitty: with the black wrapper.
halokitty: heatehr liek sthe white cheese that comes out of the black package
kristen: yeah white cheddar
kristen: yumm
halokitty: ahahahaah
halokitty: yum she says! ahahaHAhAHHAhaha
halokitty: sorry.

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bilzabub: my pink Tie died Amy Grant T that she gave me when she did a show we were doing, I like to wear it to shows like Marilyn Manson.

halokitty: wacky felix
halokitty: always keeping me on my toes
Collegedum: if i stood on my toes they would collapse under the pressure

halokitty: i thought you had food to eat now
halokitty: but sitll you choose bodily fluids..
Shyguy118: haha I do but I can't resist a good batch of semen
halokitty: maybe THATS why you dont gain weight!

SugArcHicK: If you were boiling water, I'd flop my noodle into you until I got limp, pull out, and cover it with marinara sauce and spices ready to be stuck in my mouth!!!!!!!!!
SugArcHicK: I listen to raggae on my period all the time
SugArcHicK: if you were my sister, I'd have sex with you
SugArcHicK: but only if it wasn't incest
halokitty: haha
halokitty: is that a compliment ?
SugArcHicK: do you take it as one?
halokitty: well its creepy.. yet flattering.
SugArcHicK: damn you
halokitty: damn YOU
halokitty: AND your lonely penis
SugArcHicK: My penis isn't lonely
SugArcHicK: It has my nonincestual sister
halokitty: what did you use
SugArcHicK: pen
halokitty: haha
SugArcHicK: my ass is as tight as your vagina
SugArcHicK: every time I drink club soda, I'm going to think of a guy sucking his own dick
halokitty: hahaha
SugArcHicK: and I don't know if I should be turned on by that or not
halokitty: havent you ever slept with anyone?
SugArcHicK: well except for my mom...
SugArcHicK: i urinated all over my collective gathering of porcelain!
SugArcHicK: you can see the wallpaper right now actually
SugArcHicK: the thumb for it and on celeste
halokitty: super
halokitty: i like it
SugArcHicK: it looks better full sized
halokitty: well of course
SugArcHicK: like if you look at my cock when it's small, it's less appealing than when you look at it and it's big
halokitty: haha
SugArcHicK: yes, yes... play with my buns of glory
SugArcHicK: you're my most favorite mentally fucked person in the world :)
halokitty: awww
halokitty: thank you?
halokitty: should i get my labret pierced
SugArcHicK: get your septum pierced!
halokitty: NO
halokitty: haha ew
halokitty: no im serious.
SugArcHicK: i don't know
SugArcHicK: when it comes to heather and holes i'm not thinking of the face 2/3 of the time

Sycophant: so my boss is like who turned on pump 1
Sycophant: and im like idunno y
Sycophant: and hes like they just drove off with 64..
Sycophant: i did an O face and at the same time did a lil fart!
Sycophant: it was sooo funny
halokitty: ahhhhh!@
Sycophant: it was like my reaction
halokitty: hahahahahahahahahaha
Sycophant: a lil toot
Sycophant: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VintageBoi: i cant think of masturbation without thinking of you

my dad: *in a deep voice* im a big girl now i dont need a leash!

naomi: My dad has the memory of a floppy disk in a magnet factory.
naomi: if snot were a commodity i'd be the richest man alive..
naomi: I just spent 86 dollars at home depot
halokitty: for a new ddr pad?
naomi: Well I had to get tools too, so I spent extra
halokitty: im telling you ... kotex..
naomi: I should make a crappy pad out of kotex though and be like "sweat all you want, the pad is super absorbent!"
michele: so people over like.. 30 are on this site?
me: yeah.
michele: so they arent really *children* then, are they..?
michele: ahhh i love babies. they're so cute.
me: you like babies??
michele: .... FOR DINNER!!
micheles mom: i think the little red meat i eat wouldnt hurt
michele: i think your colon thinks otherwise
michele: people who like [getting] poop on their face dont get over it that easily.
micheles mom: god michele all you do is lay on your back all day
michele: HEY! lots of women make a lot of money doing that!
micheles mom: oh god!
michele: yeah i bet they say that a lot too!
michele: i feel like beating someone now i wish you where still here
me: haha
me: er.. oh :(
michele and i watching X (the tv series)
michele: WOW that guy is really tall for a priest!
me: hahahaha because theres a height requirement to becoming a priest??
michele: wow thats a special position
me: special positions for special people..
michele: YEAH in my butt!
me: ....
watching full house. joey squeezed a jelly donut
me: woah he totally just ejaculated!
michele: thats what i do when i ejaculate.
look at it and then walk away...
my mom will clean it up.
michele: my butt hurts
halokitty: thats too bad.
halokitty: how do you think you can fix it?
michele: by punching you
halokitty: :(
me: why cant they make a channel thats like.. all funny all the time. you tune in, you know youll be laughing. a comedy channel
michele: you mean like.. comedy central..?

golden girls....
rose: maybe you just shouldnt make love when youre wet!
blanche: you know what i hate doing most after a party?
rose: trying to find your underwear in the big pile?


tape you up good
put you in the trunk
see you next tuesday
you is a punk. ♥

keep fuckin that chicken!
__okay i'll do that, thanks......


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