Age: 50
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Demigod
Location: Colorado springs, CO. USA

My Biography
9-29-05 WTF lots of chaos these days,hope it stays the hell away from me...

5-3-05 man does time fly.everything is going good on my end.it is a pleasure to meet azcrazygurl.The band is doing great,things as of late couldn't be better,or could they...hmmmm

3-1-05 started a new job yesterday ,it is much better ,the old one sucked.the band i'm in is also doing well,should be playing out soon.the link is under home page if anyone wants to listen to some samples.so to sum things up i'm doin pretty good.

1/29/05 well been working out lately,been trying to stay decipline about it.its saturday dont have much else going on lately.spider is having a good time in msp.am really wanting summer to show its face.i just wanted to say good luck to all you people on COA.May 2005 be fruitful to everyone

1/8/2005 man has been a while since i have been on here.My buddy Jon is back to Minnesota doing some cool things.I'm in colorado trying to get the music thing off the ground.it is going good soo far.i'm in a band called the revnants,some old metal style,Ralph the bass player/vox is in the middle of constructing a studio,sould be done in Feb.

hmmm date is 5-2-04 im working on my car,wont be happy till i ca drive to the moon.am glad the weather has warmed

Spider is now here,we are trying to get the studio things to get set up.should be composing some cool stuff real soon.

Spider shall arrive soon here in Colorado Springs.Then the craziness will start,we feed on each others strengths,witch eliminates the weaknesses.Beware all The duo will be back.

I get a total kick out of chestylaru,she always has cool things to say.

I feel stronger with everyday.

Something always pisses me off,or someone.

A good thing i have music as a release.

A full life is a long time,eternity may seem a little long.


I like to keep things simple.LOL....

I love music of most types...

I like to party,and have a good time.Only to exist is not enough.

And Sometimes i'm pretty twisted....HMMMMMMM

Can you believe the mayhem and craziness,and we are all cought up in it,like a huge wirlwind.A huge disaster of chaos raining down on our heads.

Keep you eye on the shadows i may be there watching..

day vs night
i prefer the night

with alot of the time i have i sit and ponder things.you could call it daydreaming.but i believe it has purpose.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink