Age: 45
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Guitarist for Penis Flytrap
Location: Los Angeles, CA. USA

My Biography

Someone else: Rob you are so sexy

Me: awww ty

Someone else: Rob i used to be in love with you

Me: oh yeah?

Someone else: yes

Someone else: i mean really

Someone else: you were alll i usedto talk about

Me: oh ok

Someone else: i loved you so much

Someone else: I wanted you to bone me

Someone else: I seriously would've paid for you to come out here'

Me: thats neat


Me: i have a crush

Someone else: oh?

Me: yeah

Someone else: on?

Me: girls

Someone else: all of them?

Me: yes

Someone else: you fuckin man-ho

Me: yeah


Someone else: wasup

Me: actually, im starting a new band

Me: thats up with me... you?

Someone else: i having a baby

Me: well, you beat my news


Me: i was just kidding goofus

Someone else: I never know with you

Me: lol, because im so unpredictable in that National Lampoons sort of way


Someone else: yeah im ok i guess, i just got over having mono... im suprised im even up, im usually sleeping

Me: yeah i thought i had mono once... turns out im just lazy


me: dude, i cant believe i bought a CoA membership....

Someone else: HAHAHA I was gonna ask you, like whoa. . .where'd all this shit come from?

me: for $20 this fucker better ask me how my day went and have my dinner ready when i come home

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*Sunday January 25, 2004*

45 grave, adicts, alien sex fiend, ancient, atari teenage riot, bad brains, big black, babyland, christian death, cocteau twins, david bowie, deadsy, devo, electric hellfire club, emperor, eva o, gg allin, gloomy grim, gwar, kettle cadaver, human leauge, iggy pop, immortal, joy division, killer pussy, kmfdm, london after midnight, lard, le tigre, lords of acid, marilyn manson, mayhem, ministry, misfits, mortiis, mindless self indulgence, new york dolls, nick cave, the birthday party, nina hagen, nuns, o.m.d., oingo boingo, orgy, pigface, peppermint creeps, penis flytrap, pychic t.v., revolting cocks, rozz williams, rebel rebel, rudimentary peni, sanguis et cinis, samhain, SPF1000, shadow project, siouxsie, skinny puppy, super heroines, the cramps, the dickies, the dwarves, thrill kill kult, Willow Wisp, zeromancer...

some stuff i get a kick out of ...
ME, 1334, bondage, boots, braces (the teeth kind), horror movies, make up, clothes, blood, glitter, my legs, stockings, drawing, tattooing, piercing...

favorite bands of all time: Misfits!!!, GWAR, Christian Death, Siouxsie and the Banshees

favoritest song: GWAR - Krak Down
my most favorite movie ever: Sixteen Candles.
followed by Hedwig and the Angry Inch, texas chainsaw masacre, and Full Metal Jacket.

favorite color: PURPLE

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink