Age: 39
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Computer Angel
Location: Hell Hole Central, IL. USA

My Biography

wow, been a long time since i've been here.
but, with the recent influx of teenie boopers from the last time i was here i can't really be blamed now can i?
maybe things have changed... but that really means they've only stayed that much more the same.
oh, well i suppose i should be active so message me to talk if you have something interesting to say.

words by: cura

still MIA?

yea, i'm still kinda gone, but things in my "hood" have been hellish of all sorts.
but, now that i'm making a return for a short period of time i thought that it be best i bring a gift with my return.
and since we "all" watch Saturday Night Live i thought that i should treat everyone to one of the funniest clips ever.
so, if your at all interested just follow my video link provided on my profile.
if you don't find this clip funny then you either have no sense of humor or are just the dulled person ever... hell even i found this clip funny.

words by: cura

again being gone and all...

well becoming reaquainted with my old addictions worked a little too well, which is both positive and negative in it's own light.
one of my main concerns with everyone on vacation was how to widdle the days away until everyone was back to where they belong.
it worked so well i can't even remember what day it is without checking the calender and each day seems like the last; despite the minimal changes in television schedule.
so, i really should start showing up more and not let this over flood of old messages build up on me.

words by: cura

where have i been?

well with everyone getting preped to go on vacation, i'm trying to realign with all my previous addictions to help better pass the time away.
so, i'm probably gonna be showing up up here a lot more often then i have as before.
though it doesn't answer where i've been; i've been spending time with those people who are leaving the country for some time.
well till then "happy hunting."

words by: cura

back in da burbs

so i'm back from my very brief stint in california.
so how was it?
well it was only the most beautiful place i've seen in a really long time.
living around chicago for so long that i've almost forgot what trees looked like.
but, the main reason i went there was for picking out a school so i can "graduate" and do something with my life.
and i found a winner at CSUS where a local company intel pumps money into the very program that i was enrolling for.
what luck, am i right, so finally it seems like things are working in my favor so we'll all see how everything turns out.

words by: cura

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink