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Sexuality: Monk
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Give yourself over to absolute pleasure.
Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh.
Erotic nightmares beyond any measure.
And sensual daydreams to treasure forever.

~ The Rocky Horror Picture Show ~

Hmmm, almost two and a half years on coa, MAYBE it's time I start writing in this thing ;-)

First of all a HUGE ♥thank you♥ to the 2 sweeties that bought me my membership!!! You're just too kind!

I first heard of Praga Khan around 1998 because I liked a track on my MixMania CD, Injected With A Poison. Liked the song but that was it, don't think I even remembered the band name at that time. A little later Breakfast In Vegas caught my attention and this time i did remember the band ;-) By the time Mutant Funk came out I was hooked and the first time I saw them live (Rock Werchter 2000) just blew me away!
It still wasn't until after the AB gig in december 2002 that I joined the fanclub and only because the afterparty was 'members only' so I couldn't get in that night! I was a bit reluctant towards the whole 'fanclub concept' but hey, I wanted to go to the good parties too :-)
On april 17, 2003 it was the release of the Khantastic album in a club only ten minutes from where I lived, so I finally dragged myself over there to meet a bunch of people I only knew from pictures and their guestbookcomments. I gotta admit, judging on the pictures back then, some of them kinda scared me, lol, sorry Witte, sorry Stef, I know better now ;-) When I got to the club I started talking to Guzzie, in my eyes the most normal looking guy of the bunch (I know better now too :-p) and he introduced me to the other fans and Maurice.
Well, I gotta say, going out to meet them that night is one of the things I'll never ever regret! I met so many cool people through Praga Khan, and we've had sooooooo many incredible parties... it's been amazing! And this year is gonna be packed with Praga events too, so all you american fans out there, get your butts over here for the summer of 2006 cause it's gonna be a blast!!!

So, that's enough talking from me for now, maybe next year i'll get myself to update this thing again ;-)

Luv U all♥

Carpe Noctem