Age: 38
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: oil tycoon
Location: regina Canada

My Biography
All hail DJBOB. he told me i needed a hobby so i asked him why a 33 year old would tell me i need a hobby when hes on a site hitting on people half his age and he said im a goth wannabe and i am a poser because i dont know old praga or something. im not goth and dont want to be goth. i know nothing about praga or loa cause i dont even listen to them. how am i a poser. then he blocked me so i couldnt reply to his ignorance. cooooooool dude.

You may have heard some of the talk going around about team matt quinn and team johnny psycho. heres the deal. team matt quinn is a large well organized group of hard working and intelligent young men and woman. team johnny psycho isnt all that bad either. i mean im on it so its alright. theres been rumors going around about which team is better. they both have positive and negative qualities. team matt quinn is great in every single way and in no way bad. team johnny psycho has some great people and some that are slightly insane. maybe you should just join both.


I now have a picture of me in my gangsta pose. .

People are blocking me and rating me low. This hurts matty's feelings. stop hurting my feelings you fucking pieces of shit. i hope you DIE DIE DIE. super. SNEKYSNAKE the old creepy man has blocked me without reason. he was smart enough to think of a great insult to send to me before he blocked me. he randomly called ME an idiot. i thought it was sweet of him. pathetic insult from a pathetic old creepy pedophile. sawwwwweeeeet.

I just realised that i dont fit in here. I will now change that.

Things that make me belong here:
I take drugs everyday, but there usually tylenol or ibuprofen. I stab myself all the time, but its never on purpose im just clumsy.I like pain as long as its not me feeling it. I eat people, but they're gingerbread people. I live in a dark place because i dont have my basement lights turned on. Id be a bisexual sex addict if i wasnt straight and was addicted to sex. I make sacrifices like one time i gave money to cancer research instead of buying a pack of gum. I later stole some gum from my mom. Hey thats another one, i steal. I dont steal anything major though just gum and quarters from my family. hmm i think thats all that makes me fit in with 90% of the people on this site. I feel accepted now. I love you all.

strife.hatebreed.killswitch engage.MSI.offset.dont look down.static x.raised fist.bad religion.lagwagon.a static lullaby.rufio.alexisonfire.hopesfall.AFI.sick of it all.pennywise.36 crazyfists.lacuna coil.remembering never.18 visions.dillinger escape plan.good riddance.dropkick murphy's.glassjaw.HIM.hamartia.blind the fold.iron flames.matchbook by one.layaway plan.diecast.less than jake.nerf herder.trapt.born against.thursday.millencolin.taking back sunday.the starting line.finch.unsung zeroes.thrice.staring first and the gimme gimme's.soilwork.scooter.rancid.anti flag.beastie boys.the june spirit.blind the fold.guttermouth.screeching weasels.vandals.propagandhi.zeromancer.rock kills use for a name.bad astronaut.orgy. annnnnnnnnd more.

Things i like:
working on cars.working on myself.hacky sack haha we suck.playing geetar.drinking.extreme camping.punk shows.animals cause there so cute and innocent(especially my kitty).wrestling.watching mixed martial arts competitions like ufc and pride.ddr.and my fav thing is just being with my friends.

things id sell you:
my friendship at $5 an hour unless your sexy then its dignity $ car $800.all my knowledge $350.My pen $ love $ boxers clean $10 used $5 soiled $2.a lock of my hair $3. a hug $1.

its by Guttermouth
"1-2-3 Slam"

okay, here's the story about my mom and dad
one was white
one was black
i bet you think you're glad
i'm a half breed,just look at me
my skin is fair yet tan
i don't know what the hell i'm on
so 1, 2...1, 2, 3 slam!!!
kinky hair when i wake up
straight when i go to bed
my dad speaks jive talk to me, don't know what he just said
my mother she's a honkey
my dad's kentucky fried
i don't know what the hell i'm on
so 1, 2...1, 2, 3 slam!!!

back at home it's black eyed peas with a pot roast on the side
it's hot dogs on friday nights
the chicken's country fried
my dad says "yo boy pass the peas!"
my mom says pass the squash
i need something to ease the pain
so i'll go downtown and get some downers

whoa, man, i'm a little bit slow
but i've got to get up somehow
got no money
just a good idea
let me tell you how
i'll steal my parents credit cards
oh yes i'll rip them off
i'll go downtown to where dad works
and get myself some cocaine

now i'm high, and i'm not shy
i'll get it off my chest
my mom is white, she thinks she's right
she thinks that she's the best
my dad is just a negro, he's not one to play golf
i don't know what the hell i am
so 1, 2...1, 2, 3 slam!!!

purrr - 4 out of 5 my fingers still stink like poonage.
hellokitty - she gives me concusions, burns, bruises and i still love her. yes i AM the matt in her profile talking about postman pats cat. i dont even remember that convo much but i have a bad memory so meh.
halokitty - she wrote a whole paragraph about me on her profile so obviously shes damn cool
kornchild - shes addicted to those fuckin animal crakers. she eats a box a day poor poor addicted kornchild.
acidashley - who wouldnt want a vibrating t.v.
amanda - shes a damn cool person and she isnt a fake little dork like most people on this site.

things i wonder about:
what the fuck is up with christianity? why does there have to be so many fat people in tight clothes? do i look fat in this? why are the ignorant people always in charge? why do people have pride in a country when they have nothing to be proud of? why is having a high social intelligence thought of as unimportant compared to being fucking book smart? why are humans drinking cow milk when it was made for cows not humans? why is my basement so fucking cold all the time? why are you still reading this?

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink