RIP: 1986-2015
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Dating
Occupation: Student
Location: Powell, OH. USA

My Biography
This is trance and i just wanted to give you a special note and to make sure you saw it i put it here. I want to let you know that you truly are my best friend in the entire world and that i love you so much. I will be here for you hopefully in many years to come to give you a shoulder to cry on or someone to make you laugh and cheer you up. I want you to know that you mean more to me than any of my other friends on the face of this earth. I want to thank you for giving me the time of my life. I have had more fun, more laughs, and more arguments in the past three months than i have had in my entire life, and still you are here with me as my best friend. i want you to know how much i love you. I will never let you down like i threaten when i am pissed off adn i think you know that. i love you more than these letters in this note can say. i love you more than i, or any person, can possibly express. and i miss you so much. i love you and hope that our friendship lasts through our entire lives in florida or wherever we go. I will be here for you as you have stayed with me and tolerated me more than anyone ever has, and not only have you tolerated me, but you did it all the while being a friend to me and with love.
I love you Paige.
Your Friend for Life

I'm insanely together, negatively positive, publically shy, hatefully loving, unitedly lonely and a virgin whore.


Why did you have to hurt me? Doesnt matter I will crawl back shamelessly!

isuck69 i will dominate you anytime!


I cannot stay here.
I cannot leave.
Just like all I loved, I'm make-believe.
Imagined heart, I dissappear. Seems..... no one will appear here and make me real.
There are no flowers, no, not this time.
There will be no angels gracing the lines, just these stark words I find.
I'd show a smile but I'm too weak.
I'd share with you, could I only speak, just how much this hurts me.
I'd tell you how it haunts me.
Cuts through my day and sinks into my dreams.
You don't care that it haunts me.

-I can't escape it - no matter how hard I try

-So impressed with all you do tried so hard to be like you flew too high and burnt the wing lost my faith in everything lick around divine debris taste the wealth of hate in me shedding skin succumb defeat this machine is obsolete made the choice to go away drink the fountain of decay tear a hole exquisite red fuck the rest and stab it dead broken bruised forgotten sore too fucked up to care anymore poisoned to my rotten core too fucked up to care anymore in the back off the side far away is a place where I hide where I stay tried to say tried to ask I needed to be all alone by myself where were you

-Sometimes I just wish I could press fastforward to see if its all worth it

-I'm setting myself up to take a fall-but i just cant stay away-so heres to those tears ill be cryin

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink