Age: 39
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Enslaved By Master
Occupation: Custom Box Designer
Location: Chesterfield, MI. USA

My Biography
♥Much Love To SexyKitty♥

♥Haley Is Teh L33T Sex!!♥

NIN - September 8th *Joe Louis Arena - 2005
NIN - October 8th *Joe Louis Arena - 2005
Mindless Self Indulgence - October 19th *Clutch Cargos - 2005
Slipknot - October 24th *State Theatre - 2005
Opeth - October 27th *Harpos - 2005
ICP (Hallowicked)- October 31st *State theatre - 2005
Soulfly - November 3rd *Harpos - 2005
Fear Factory - November 5th *Harpos - 2005
KottonMouth Kings - November 11th *Saint Andrews Hall - 2005
HIM - November 12th *State Theatre - 2005
Children Of Bodem - November 12th *Harpos - 2005
Kittie - November 26th *Harpos - 2005
Jeagermeister music tour featuring Disturbed - November 26th *House of Blues, Chicago, Illinois - 2005
NIN - Febuary 20th *Deltaplex - 2006
Deftones - March 11th *Cobo Arena - 2006
Taproot - May 20th *Saint Andrews Hall - 2006
89x 15th birthday bash - June 18th - *State Theatre, Fox Theatre, and Woodward Avenue - 2006
Panic! At The Disco - June 23rd *State Theatre - 2006
And there are many more but havent had the time to post them....

Whats up? Names Andy, Sorry if i dont reply to any messages right away, im probobly at work trying to help these helpless customers.... im 5'11", Blue eyes, hair color changes(natural is dark brown).... I used to play guitar in a band called accident prone till i broke my hand in 18 different spots.... Currently im slowly getting back into it.... I Skateboard, Got to lots of concerts, and Work alot.... I love to work on cars, Mechanical, body, custom interiors, Especially Audio, Give me a day and ill transform your vehicle in to a Sound Masterpiece.... I live about a half-hour outside of detroit michigan.... Honestly im really starting to fucking hate this state.... Im seriously contomplating moving out of here soon.... I really want to move to Australia.... I was there when i was younger and Just really want to go back.... Im a pretty easy person to get along with untill some one pisses me off.... Anyway, If you wanna talk just drop a line in....Oh and I just found out that i am #700 on the site....


Bow down to Trent, Maynard, Chino, and the Great Dimebag(RIP)

Heavy Metal, Rock, Death Metal, Industrial, Techno..... ---------------------------------------------- bands = Lords of Acid, Praga Khan, Nine Inch Nails(Trents God), Tool, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Slayer, Kotton Mouth Kings, One Bullet Left, Unfold, Metallica, Pantera, Manson, Gorillaz, ICP, Korn, Kool Kieth, Dr. Doom, White Boy Rick, Slipknot, Level, Disturbed, Mudvayne, Devil Driver, Coal Chamber, Powerman5000, Static-X, Godsmack, the Offspring, Kittie, Fear Factory, Trapt, Cold, Crystal Method, Hatebreed, KMFDM, MDFMK, Linkin Park, Mindless Self Indulgence, Orgy, Ozzy, Poison the Well, Primus, Primer55, Prodigy, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Skinny Puppy, Smashing Pumpkins, Tech N9ne, The Used, Cky, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, NOFX, Adema, Cradle Of Filth, Canable Corpse, AudioSlave, Mushroomhead, Sevendust, Rage Against the Machine, The Doors, Misfits, Velvet Revolver, Aerosmith, Sum41, Evanescence, Cypress Hill, Blood Hound Gang, Dropkick Murphys, AC/DC, Chevelle, Alice N' Chains, Smile Empty Soul, Bad Religion, AFI, Switchfoot, Van Halen(Eddie is a God), Nazureth, Jimmy Buffet, Bad Boy Bill, Chimaira, Trapt, Epsilon Zero, Himsa, Bobby Collins(Comedian), Sublime, Ted Nugent, Factory81, Crossfade, Sepltura, Cold Shot, Cell Dweller, Red I Flight, Scum Of The Earth, System of a Down, Velvet Acid Christ, Moonspell, Kill Switch Engage, Lacuna Coil, Accident Prone, The Notch Project, Emotep....

Marilyn Manson - This is the new shit

Rebel Rebel, Bitch Bitch
Rebel Rebel, Party Party
Sex Sex Sex, Don't forget the violence
Blah Blah Blah, I got your lovey dovey, sad and lonely
Stick your stupid slogan, and everybody sing along....


Guitar, Skateboarding, Loud Music, Tattoos, Piercings, Blood, Black, '72 Nova SS, Raw Horse Power, Classic Muscle Cars, Guns, Sharp Objects, Scratching, Biting, Candle Wax, Girl on Girl action, Cuddling, Kissing, Foreplay....


Pop music, people that think there better than everyone else, Preps, rap music, posers, i have nothing against rich kids its the spoiled stupid ones that id love to beat the fuck out of....

Hed(PE) - American Beauty

I like fucking these 90 pounders, I watch it go in.

I feel like im Shequiel O'niel, and im fucking the Olsen twins....

DOPE - Right-Round

You spinn me right-round baby
like a record baby
right-round, round, round....

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink