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It's 2013 now and it seems like CoA is an online desert of LoA fans.

I'm missing the 'good old days' when everyone was online 24/7. A decade ago the Acid Children were years ahead of Facebook. We had our own place on the internet where we were in contact with like minded people.
Personally, I think it would be better to return to CoA instead of sharing everything on Facebook.
Here we don't have to worry about our privacy being invaded, misused and collected for who knows what. It's safe here :)

Personally I think if the site had a forum and gets some updates it might be possible to bring CoA back alive.

I know we are all becoming a bit older but that doesn't mean we feel old.

It would be interesting to know why most members don't come anymore online. What's your reason? LoA isn't that 'good anymore', becoming older, change of lifestyle,... tell me

Here are some of my suggestions which might bring back CoA to life.

-online swapping of MNO related stuff.
-New lay-out
-Some modern features added
-Mobile version of the site, which is handy for messaging eachother.
-Ensured privacy compared to Facebook.

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