Age: 36
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Polyamorous
Relationship: Engaged
Location: VA USA
My Biography Erbear kiddies...imma lovable pothead. some maby have a hard time understanding me as to what i have to say sometimes...but thats ok...just keep smoking..and soon youll come to terms

ill haunt ur dreams when u sleep,im the dolly u never played with, so in under ur bed i do creep,my heart is now shattered for you seem to have forgotten me, i miss the days of having tea but now i remain without anycare so i sit here now with cobwebs in my hair

Say no to drugs:

::clean room=nope
do dishes=threw them out the window
vacume=sucked the cat up
mop the floor=sliped and fell, broke the mop
plant flowers=ate um
and clean the bathroom with mr. clean=injected it into my veins

Erbear=/ the trash doll/the one who laughs at you when you fall/your smack in the face/your dust bunny on the floor/your laughter when your high/the one who points when you run into the door/crazy like a bitch/phycotic like a killer/mellow like the drugs u take/nice like a little kids smile/colorfull like acid/kinky like E/playfull like ur game boy/insecure like a bitch/fake like plastic

Garbage is to trash as Trash is to the dump

so keep in mind that you can recycle=) but just choose not to

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink