Age: 51
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: stick figure porn artist
Location: Hollywood, FL.

My Biography
fuck the crowd...Im going wild
The trailer park is mine
I will rule it all!
_________________________________________________________________'s what's for dessert.
"death is not the end of life"
"death is the opposite of birth"
"Life is eternal"

I toast myself for knowing my limitations and continually trying to make new limits when i am trashed nad experiencing things that are hard to explain to others or describe to myself.Even though my efforts often lead me in the opposite direction of where i intend to go I still give my all and be bull headed and stubborn and believe that i can do anything while accomplishing absolutely nothing.While never accomplishing anything that i set my mind to I always accomplish the complete and oppsite of my goal.Thank you Thomasn Edison for the philosophy of of success.Its never a failure,just a new way not to do it.

I have to say that my new favorite quote is as follows:
You never think about the beginning until you've reached the end
Kill me or your next
Thank you Aquaries,Bitchulike,Joy and Lien.You really made think more about doing something stupid...and I didnt do it.I look forward to the day I can sit downa and have a laugh with all you.Face to face
Most folks get a tshirt or a post card or some kinda reminer of the time they had......I got fuckin whipped..literally

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink