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I wanna see Ven's chilli!

"I was trying them out slowly.. they were insane :)"

I am getting back into shooting. I want to learn more! Hey, watch where you're pointing that lens!

[11 Apr 2003|12:26am]
ode to the cyberbaby list
what have we missed
nothing much
we've out of touch
don't get the job done
not having any fun
no one talks any more
it's quite a bore
Ven's all upset
so shut the list yet
the Lord's are in Europe
Americans have no hope
to see Darling Nikkie
it's sort of tricky
to get from here to there
with no money to spare
so dream that one must
to see Deb O's bust
hum the latest Lord's tune
hope to see them and soon!
worship the Lords, fuck the rest
'cos we know the Lords are best!
(Lisa Dash, 04.09.2003)

Qcrazy to CherylDelRay]: you have me worried
[FireDog]: or pork skin?
[CherylDelRay]: I had to save them from all being barbecue.
[Salem]: a wind tunnel?
||||||||||||||| LeMoNy says ?bye bye? to DarkfireknighT.
[CherylDelRay]: heh
||||||||||||||| DarkfireknighT just went back to sleep.
[FireDog]: pork rinds
[CherylDelRay]: No in the mine tunnel,
[CherylDelRay]: There had to be some pigs left for reproduction.
||||||||||||||| Churchmouse is pushing Merlin down the elevator shaft with morbid glee.
[Qcrazy to CherylDelRay]: so you saved them so we could all have BLT's right?
[FireDog]: the pork is $18
[CherylDelRay]: To ensure a continuing food supply.
||||||||||||||| Jezibele just won the Ring Toss game in ThE DaRk CaRnIVaL
[LeMoNy to FireDog]: $18 for pork rinds?>!
[CherylDelRay]: pork rinds at macy's?
||||||||||||||| Qcrazy looks to Jezibele with admiration and says ?Way to go!?
[FireDog]: no for the bacon, rinds and the skins
[Salem to FireDog]: you're a rip off!
[bertbunny]: does bob barker live heree?
[FireDog]: barbaque skins and rinds
[bertbunny]: or monty hall?
[LeMoNy to bertbunny]: if he doens't he should!!
[FireDog]: flavor
[CherylDelRay]: If you killed off all of the pigs, there wouldn't have been any food left.
FireDog]: i still have 989,996,023,675,453 pigs left
[CherylDelRay]: hahahhahahahhahahahhahhahah
[CherylDelRay]: hahahha
[CherylDelRay]: hehhe
||||||||||||||| FireDog is smiling sweetly.
[LeMoNy to FireDog]: What do you feed all them piggies, Du'?!
||||||||||||||| LayziKat holds up one hand and with a serious tone says ?I'll be right back.?
[FireDog]: the pigs are $60 each
[CherylDelRay]: Hay
[FireDog]: fat
[LeMoNy]: $60 for a pig? Do we get a free apple with htat?
[CherylDelRay]: That was what was in the mine tunnels.
[FireDog]: sure
||||||||||||||| Blase just woke up from a long sleep.
||||||||||||||| Churchmouse is busy writing her RN and no longer monitoring chat
||||||||||||||| Blase just entered this channel.
||||||||||||||| Ice_Killa says ?bye bye? to everyone.
||||||||||||||| FireDog goes out and buys 999,999,999,999,999,999 apples
[LeMoNy]: bye ice
[CherylDelRay]: i just got murdured.
[LeMoNy to Ice_Killa]: stay cool! hehe.. I'm a dork
||||||||||||||| Qcrazy hands Jezibele a long-stemmed rose: @}--,----'-,-------
[Ice_Killa]: if aerolovely comes on tell her that she is the only one for me
||||||||||||||| FireDog says ?bye bye? to Ice_Killa.
[LeMoNy to FireDog]: Wo0h0o!!
||||||||||||||| Qcrazy says ?bye bye? to everyone.
[Ice_Killa]: lol
||||||||||||||| Qcrazy just went back to sleep.
[FireDog]: ok
||||||||||||||| Ice_Killa just went back to sleep.
||||||||||||||| FireDog bursts into a fit of laughter.
||||||||||||||| FireDog gives a whole truck load of roses to the girls
||||||||||||||| FireDog gives a whole truck load of diamonds to the girls
[LeMoNy]: Has anyone heard of Chaotic Wrestling in New England?
[FireDog]: no
[CherylDelRay]: i;m splitting. goodnight.
[LeMoNy to FireDog]: you're my best friend!!
||||||||||||||| Churchmouse is thanking firedog profusely.
[FireDog]: i'm seeing double
[FireDog]: right now
||||||||||||||| LayziKat says ?bye bye? to you.
||||||||||||||| LeMoNy hands FireDog a lemon!
||||||||||||||| LeMoNy says ?bye bye? to you.
[FireDog]: i'm going to a family reunion tomorrow
[Salem to FireDog]: now you can make le