RIP: 1959-2017
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: Video/electronics technician
Location: Edgewater, FL. USA

My Biography
I am the "The Anchor to the Earth" for ClaraX. But let it be known that she 'saved' my life last year (2001). She is to me as billions of galaxies are to the Universe! Also ClaraX is soley responsible for my interest in Praga and the Lords. I'm 44. I was married for twenty-years and have four great children. I work with the Space Shuttle's cool! The reward for all my troubles is the sweetest most real person in the Universe...ClaraX a.k.a. Lisadash. I love her very, very much! She's mine Maurice! You can't have her! Well, maybe for one night...
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