Age: 38
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: HXC vendor
Location: Elizabeth City, NC. USA
My Biography
1,2,3,4....We won't fight your wars no more!
5,6,7,8....Rise Up! And Smash The State!

Anarchy is not for the weak of mind!
Freedom is existence without coercion, exploitation, and domination. For some this means to live in a society and community with absolutely no government. For others it means creating a life without both the state and capitalism, in which human affairs are directed by all people equally. Also, As free people we can, should, and will govern ourselves through direct democratic processes in our communities and workplaces. We will organize in both the workplace and community and efforts to bring about social change. We recognize the many different kinds of anarchism and that not everyone believes in the traditional thought of bringing about revolution through violence, but rather favor other strategies for obtaining liberation. Being this, we also favor the non-violent anarchist who participate in militant direct action and disobedience, while simultaneously building non-hierarchial and self-managing organizations that will bring revolution and an end to capitalism from the bottom up rather than the top down.

New Club-Punx of Acid!
Founder and Oi Boy, hXc vendor and straight up Punk Rock Royalty-AcidicKiss
Punk With The Junk- SugArcHicK
Punk Mistress-bloodysyns
Face-Stomping Doll Assassin-psyonika
"I make smelly, dirty punk seem sexy!" punk-cidbaby666

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