Age: 47
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Flaxen haired cultural blender
Location: newcastle upon tyne, United Kingdom
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My Biography
Take control ov your own destiny and you will take control ov your L-if-E and learn to L-ov-E your exsitance
be happy
sing while you may
misbehave when you can
You are the Power of your own desire
Embrace all possibilities with joy
Experience is by contact
Seduce thyself to pleasure
Be someone even if just to thyself
Perpetuate the myth
Create your own media
Transmute body and mind
Bee will without ego
Bee neither nor Neither
exist in thee grey area
always confound expectations

confused you should always BEE

All-ways up for a chat just send me a message

A friend of mine died the other day eating a bowl of Museli
He drowned after a strong currant pulled him in