Age: 56
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Married
Occupation: Pk/Loa worshipper...
Location: Zichem Belgium

My Biography

Long time ago that i've written something here !
I'm still married etc....and i still love my family :-)

This year i saw 15 times a " lifeshow" of Praga Khan and we have a last one on 3 december 2006.It will be also the last show for 1-1.5 year!They had to quit for sometimes to "re-born" again.

A new "dimension" will come next Year...named EROTIKON...and also the next Theatre tour !

That's for now . If you wanna know anything about PK/LOA ? Just ask,i'll try to help.


I'm a big fan of Praga Khan,Lords of Acid,Darling Nikkie,Mno
I'm a fan sins 1988 !!!yeah 1988 !!
I also love EBM,Elektro,New wave,New Beat,Techno,Gothic,
I'm collecting everything that Maurice,Nikkie.... ever made :)
I have many " hard to find " vinyls & cd's of MNO,and i'm very proud of it,but i'm not gonna tell how much !!;)

I also have many cd's en vinyls of Elektromusic like Kraftwerk,Front 242,Funkervogt,Fad Gadget,Vnv Nation,Trisomie 21,Ann Clark,Chris & Cosey,The Klinik and many more.........


I have a lovely wife wich i'm married for 18 years now and i love her so much even after the 20 years i know her.
We have 2 beautiful kids !
Our son Yoran is 16years now and he's good at drawing.
Our daughter Yinthe is 13years now and she's doing gymnastic for 7 years at a gymclub.(she's good ;) )


We love animals,so we have 2 dogs,3 cats,1 bird and 1 turtle.

On friday 13 februari 2004 i saw FRONT 242 live.
They played Geography live,and even that geography is 23 years old it sounds like 2004 songs,whouw !!!
It was a very big kick ........

On thuesday 19/2 we had a dj-set with Praga and his Son and they played 2 times the new Praga Khan single life 2004 :-)
The more you listen the more you like the song,really true.

On thursday 24/02/04 i went to the COA party at Leuven and i had a great time over there.Talked again to the most of the belgian fans which was great,as usual, and i also have talked to CRUSTY,he's cool even he is almost 40 years :)
Maurice Praga,Carl S Jo.,Erhan, they've been at the party also and it was nice talking to them again.
We even heard the new song "Super Model",whouw.

All the money we made at the COA party goes to COA which is great news !!

When Ven was here in Belgium last time ( 19/2-2/3-04)i hang out with him a couple times.
I could tell you all,he's a great guy,this site means everything to him and he spend all his money to it,so if you could---donate some money.


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For the music - 29 (72%)
For the lyrics - 4 (10%)
For the goodlooking Maurice - 4 (10%)
For the goodlooking Nikkie - 2 (5%)
For the goodlooking Deborah - 1 (2%)
Why do you love Praga Khan ? - (42 Votes)

The Combination of it all - 26 (61%)
The Music - 7 (16%)
The Maurice - 5 (11%)
The Lyrics - 2 (4%)
The Carl S Johansen - 2 (4%)
What do you think about the TND DVD and CD ? - (33 Votes)

Fantastic - 16 (48%)
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Wonderful - 4 (12%)
Very Good - 2 (6%)
What do you think of my son's artwork? - (39 Votes)

Nice - 13 (33%)
Very nice - 12 (30%)
Would buy it - 10 (25%)
I'd make it better - 3 (7%)
not good - 1 (2%)

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