Age: 47
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Metrosexual
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Consultant
Location: Phoenix, AZ. USA

My Biography
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1 : the degree of mixture with base metals : FINENESS
2 : a substance composed of two or more metals or of a metal and a nonmetal intimately united usually by being fused together and dissolving in each other when molten; also : the state of union of the components
3 a : an admixture that lessens value b : an impairing alien element
4 : a compound, mixture, or union of different things
5 archaic : a metal mixed with a more valuable metal to give durability or some other desired quality


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The Dumbass Things Revealed By Some Individuals On This Site

1. Loathing in sadness and promoting self mutilation..(come on people, suicide and DEPRESSION are so 1990's)
2. Young teens who think showing their tits on this site will someday grant them their wish to become a Lords of Acid singer...(get over yourself)
3. Those who think "rape" is funny, and so easy to mock...(Have a little more respect for those you don't know on this site who may have been in that situation...)
4. Those who change their whole appearance and attitude after becoming a member of this site..(by the way...posing is fucking lame)
5. Those who discriminate other people for their likes or dislikes towards other entertainment than that of this site.
6. Those who think webcam shots of their heads turning in the opposite direction of the camera..(umm do you have an embarassing mole or birthmark on the other side or is the webcam just too scary???)
7. The ladies who think being a slut gets you somewhere in society....(NEWS BULLETIN..YOU'RE FUCKING IDIOTS)
8. Those who swear up and down they're nobodys, but yet they try every length to be noticed.
9. The people who think that life sucks...(WELL THEN WHY IN THE FUCK HAVEN'T YOU KILLED YOURSELF YOU FUCKING MORONS?? IT MUST NOT BE THAT BAD..especially when you haven't even lived long enough to say so)
10. The kids that "say" they do drugs, but haven't ever seen or touched one...they just want to belong...(popularity should not be your number one priority)
11. The fake bi's on this site..."Well I'm 15, I'm always high on LSD, and I love licking pussy..a he he he"...(You stupid ass bitches, stop teasing my friend who is a real lesbian..and go back to drooling over your NSYNC posters)
12. The older men who have all the younger (by 15+ years) on their crush list (Please get a life)
13. The people with no profiles...(Well what in the hell did you sign up for if you don't want to talk to one is going to want to chat with you if you don't fucking give us some kind of information as to who you are and what you like)
14. Pictures of young girls in their panties and bras...(Next time...I'll ask you when I want to see a semi-nude picture of a 12yr old look alike)
15. The abuse of taglines...(damn how many times a day do you change the fucking thing???)
16. Since when did TRASH become cool...I see it so often in names, taglines..and profiles. (To me it smells really bad, and only serves 2 feed the homeless, and to take up space..)
17. The guys who think it's cool to paint their face to look like Ziggy Star Dust...(hmm if I'm not mistaken...David Bowie has moved FAR away from that image, and I doubt he would ever go why do you???)
18. The people who study or preach witchcraft...whether it's Wiccan (all hail to nature)...or Black Magic...prove yourself to me and turn me into a fucking toad...PLEASE.
19. The people that join the site just to create a profile, and then they never return...(your point to this was....what?!?)
20. It's ok to have pictures that AREN'T YOU. But to put pictures of sexier people up as your MAIN photo is just fucking stupid..(this does not include cartoons). I am talking about the people who put nude/underwear models as their pictures

Things That Irk Me

1-People talking in 1337 constantly. I don't mind it every once in a while but all the time? Jeebus..learn to type like normal people
2-The people who say they don't shop in Hot Topic it's too trendy and it sucks. BS I saw you in there last week buying your black clothes and spiked jewlery.
3-The people who know they are attractive and play it to the point of being concited.
4-People who try to be creative in writing words by spelling it all whacked out. EX: (taken from a profile on here)ello all yew pathetic bitchez who have tew look at my faggot profyle....haha *laughz evilee* sux tew be you!!! eye am veree happi (eye guezz) well well well...eye juzt wana sai eye ♥ you all!! And yez the pic iz me but eye thynk that it tiz pretti kewl!!!...Therez a partee in my pantz!!lol
5-The over dramatic people. God if it's so horrible go and cry about it to yourself. No one cares if your boyfriend of 2 weeks that you were so "in love" with dumped you.
6-People who talk constantly of doing drugs. I don't care if you say like "Oh, I got so high yesterday. It was the shiznit!" And be done with it I don't care. But when everyother sentence is like 4:20, shrooms, dank, X, etc. I don't care to hear it.
7-Attention grabbers. You know the people. The ones that say they're going to kill themselves or expose certain areas of thier bodies and all that. If you're going to kill yourself do it. Don't tell me, I'll read about it in the paper or hear it on the news later.
8-The Whores. The ones who like to write down thier sexual encounters and brag about how many people they've slept with. How nice of you to share how loose you are. I'd like to hit that in a heartbeat.
9-People who are assholes for no reason. Just because you have one doesn't mean you need to be one.
10- Alternating caps piss me off. It's annoying to read. AnD dOiNg It TaKeS fOrEvEr To Do.

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