Age: 41
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Doin' About Everything
Occupation: Turning Tides
Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada
My Biography

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories... And those that carry us forward, are dreams."
- Über-Morlock in "The Time Machine" (2002)

I too, am a returning member from 2003 to God only knows when I left. I was once know as "Frost" for quite some time and then "Ruiner" for a little while after... It's been over two and a half years since I left CoA... Like others on here, I was going through a lot and needed the air... This place was always my sanctuary... My truest of true friends came from this very nexus of our combined realities... However, a year or two after I had joined, this site was over run with an unbelievable number of fake users, posers and... Other kinds we shall leave out... In my eyes, they poisoned us... They poisoned me... And you tend to become what you hate most... Fake... I have returned because I miss my true friends... I miss the brutal honesty we could all share... I miss you... My family... Families will always fight... There will always be the great divide... But, sooner or later, we all come home... We are all missed... We are all loved... I wish to have my friends back... My family... All of you... ♥

To all those I may have wronged over the years, please forgive me...

Now... Without further a due, Please allow me to throw the dramatic appeal back into this profile of mine!

Imagine you could never make another sound, not for the rest of your life. Not a sigh. Not a yawn. Not a single word. Ever. Then, imagine you were given one chance to speak. What would you say?...


Mine is a tale of unnatural enlightenments, futile longings, tenuous alliances and bitter betrayal.

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