Age: 41
Sex: Female
Relationship: Married
Occupation: PWN'ing
Location: Aurora, CO. USA

My Biography
Hey Hey! What Can I Say...I'm a Crazy, Redheaded, Fun Loving Leo!♥

I want to thank God, my family, friends and foes! I want to thank all who helped me through my highs and lows! I want to thank all of those who hurt me, made me laugh, cry and cut! I want to thank the people who called me angel, lovely, goddess and slut! I want to thank all the assholes, bigots, fanatics and liars! I want to thank all the soldiers, movie stars, bums and misers! I want to thank all that made me livid, euphoric, happy and crazy! I want to thank all that made my life, unforgettable, horrible, amused and hazy! I want to thank all the best friends, backstabbers, acquaintances and strangers! I want to thank all the closed and open minded, fibbers and changers! I want to thank all that were lovers, fighters, enemies and crooks! I want to thank all the smiles, giggles, name calling and dirty looks! I want to thank all that were distant, annoying, pleasant and intrusive! I want to thank the generous, loving, loyal and abusive! If it wasnt for any of these people, I wouldnt be the amazing person I am today!
*~ Maryanne Elam~*

~* Here's to wars and's to whores and's to the bee that got the bull a's to Adam who stuck it to Eve and got the whole world a's to you and me the bestest friends we'll ever be and if you shall ever disagree WELL FUCK YOU AND HERE'S TO ME*~

~*Here's to the women who wear high heel shoes...
spend all your money and drink all your booze...
they're not virgins but that's no sin...
cause they still have the boxes they're cherries came in*~

What do you FEAR the most?! - (58 Votes)

Mullets - 16 (27%)
Micheal Jackson - 16 (27%)
Unibrows - 15 (25%)
Sporadic patches of hair - 9 (15%)
Me - 2 (3%)
Modeling Opps. Comming My Way, What Do Ya Think?! - (26 Votes)

You've got it! :) - 11 (42%)
HELL YEAH!!! - 6 (23%)
You Are Made For Fashion! - 5 (19%)
Hahahaha...what?! - 2 (7%)
Stick to playing bass! - 2 (7%)
What Is The Most Annoying Poll Question?! - (35 Votes)

Am I Ugly?! - 15 (42%)
What Color To Dye My Hair?! - 13 (37%)
Should I Be A Pornstar?! - 4 (11%)
How Much Do You Hate Bush?! - 3 (8%)
Favorite Sexual Position?! - 0 (0%)

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