Age: 38
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Student
Location: Denver, CO. USA
My Biography
Play guitar, write films, going to college in Denver for culinary arts.

Her skin remains pale.
As the pool of blood surrounds her body.
Slowly she drowns in her depression.
The cuts in her am are a constant reminder of her mistakes.
All she can do is cry dry tears and silent cries of breathe without sound.
Alone she dies, as she felt when she was alive.
Love was not enough to take back even half of the love she had given.
Another broken heart proves that insanity is more than just a sickness.
It's more than just a disease to be cured with pills.

Suffering when you look around
Not recognizing what you see
Foolishly led, you walk around blindly
What you once knew, is now in the past
Lost far away, you are now like a child
Unaware of its surroundings
Crying out for direction
Falling deeper and deeper into the heart of
Sadness, Darkness...
The wounds that cannot heal
The broken flesh now alone
And hopelessness is all too real
Now you're in my world
How do you feel
When you know your past is gone and
Cannot be returned
When all you are is wrong and all your
Cries unheard

~all my own stuff. i wrote these when i was going through really shitty drama so i'm not depressed like that anymore.
P.s. I want a shirt that says "Truckin is my No. 1 love", so if you happen to run across one, let me know.
i finally found the crush list thingy!
i was really drunk in this pic so it's not great/i'm gonna download some more recent pics. so hopefully i'll have that up soon.

Okay. Question of the day:
If you're still hopelessly in love with someone you broke up with five months ago and you were only dating for one month but it was the best month of your life_ Pathetic/Not Pathetic. Is time really that important? Feedback is much appreciated.

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