Age: 53
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Sleeping Around
Occupation: Corporate Computer Slave
Location: rochester, NY. USA

My Biography
My story:
Well, what?s to say? I have been a huge Lords Of Acid fan for about 10 years now. I have managed to turn several of my friends on to them as well. The first time I got to see them was on the ?sextacy ball? tour (in support of Voodoo-U), with My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult and God Lives Underwater. The second time I saw them was on the ?Our Little Secret Tour?. The third time was in support of ?Farstucker?, which was a great show because it was kind of a double feature because Praga was the opener! Then I saw them for the fourth time, this past November on ?The Ball and Chain? tour with DJ Redboy opening. The cool part about this show was that I finally got a chance to meet the band and spend some time talking to them after the show. Let me start by saying Deb was awesome very friendly (for such a goddess), I guess I didn't know what to expect.. She was great! The most memorable part of the whole experience was the time I spent with Praga. He was by far the most Genuine musician I have ever met. He really seemed interested in what people had to say. He poured of this amazing energy. It is impossible to describe he is just so dynamic. I told him how cool it was that he took the time to talk to the fans, and he said the fans were his friends?, then I told him ?well, you have a lot of friends?. After talking to him, I found myself with an even greater admiration for him he is truly incredible. Now I just wait for them to come back to the US. I?m hoping to visit Europe this summer, so who knows? Maybe I?ll get to see them again!

I also collect everything Lords of Acid and Praga related? From old 7 and 12 inch vinyl to promotional CD?s, CD singles, All the CD?s and Re-issues, plus all the posters, magazines, stickers.. whatever you can dream of, if its out there I have it or want it :)

I am basically an obsessive collector by nature. I have hundreds of albums, about 3000 CD?s and almost 400 DVD?s. I just seem to have an insatiable need to amass more and more.

I was talking to some friends and we were trying to write a list of all the bands we've seen in concert. This is all I can remember so far:

Anthrax - 2 times
Big Sugar
Bon Jovi
Bugious Tagg
Chris Duarte - 3 times
Dangerous Toys
Dave Mathews And Friends
Dave Mathews Band
David Lee Roth - 2 times
Death Angel
Def Leppard - 2 times
Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy
Emmylou Harris
Fates Warning
Forced Entry
Galactic Cowboys
Gin Blossoms
God Lives Underwater
Iron Maiden - 3 times
Judas Priest - 2 times
King Diamond - 2 times
Kingdom Come - 2 times
Kiss - 3 times
Korn - 4 times (4 cities)
Liege Lord
Linkin Park 2 times
Lords of Acid - 4 times
Matchbox 20
Megadeth - 3 times
Metal Church
Metallica - 2 times
Motley Crue - 10 times
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Nuclear Assault
Ted Nugent
Overkill - 8 times
Ozzy - 2 times
Papa Roach
Peter Paul and Mary
Pink Floyd
Praga Khan
Queensryche - 2 times
Rob Zombie
Sanctuary - 2 times
Savatage - 2 times
Scorpions - 2 times
Snoop Dogg
Steve Miller Band
Sugar Ray
Ted Nugent
Tesla - 2 times
Testement - 3 times
Type O Negative
Used, The
Van Halen
Warrent - 2 times
White Lion
Yngwie Malmsteen


Music And Politics

If ever I would stop thinking about music and politics
I would tell you that sometimes it?s easier to desire
and pursue the attention and admiration of 100 strangers
than it is to accept the love and loyalty
of those closest to me

And I would tell you that sometimes
I prefer to look at myself
through someone else?s eyes
Eyes that aren?t clouded with the tears of knowing
what an asshole I can be, as yours are.

If ever I would stop thinking about music and politics
I might be able to listen in silence to your concerns
rather than hearing everything as an accusation
or an indictment against me

I would tell you that sometimes
I use sex to avoid communication
it?s the best escape when we?re down on our luck
But I can express more emotions than laughter, anger, and let?s fuck

If ever I would stop thinking about music and politics
I would tell you that I pooped in my own dog dish
And sometimes I would rather face not eating
than face licking it clean
And admitting when I?m selfish
And I?d tell you that I?m suffering
from the worst type of loneliness
The loneliness of being misunderstood,
or more poignantly
the loneliness of being afraid
to allow myself to be understood

If ever I would stop thinking about music and politics
I would tell you that the personal revolution
is far more difficult
and is the first step in any revolution

I would tell you that music is the expression of emotion
And that politics is merely the decoy of perception.


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My FIRST on-line connection was via: - (165 Votes)

28.8 kbs or 56 kbs modem 78 47%
9600 baud or 300 baud modem 38 23%
2400 baud or 1200 baud modem 19 11%
110 baud w/ acoustic coupler 18 10%
T1 / T3 / Cable or DSL 12 7%

Why I love The Lords Of Acid - (82 Votes)

It's the groove - 30 (36%)
It's the sex - 25 (30%)
hey, screw U! - 10 (12%)
It's the trip - 9 (10%)
It's the drugs - 8 (9%)


"It is a great adventure to contemplate the universe, beyond man, to contemplate, what it would be like without man, as it was in a great part of its long history and as it is in a great majority of places. When this objective view is finally attained, and the mystery and majesty of matter are fully apreciated, to then turn the objective eye back on man viewed as matter, to view life as part of this universal mystery of greatest depth, is to sense an experience which is very rare, and very exciting. It usually ends in laughter and a delight in the futility of trying to understand what this atom in the universe is, this thing-- atoms with curiosity-- that looks at itself and wonders why it wonders. Well, these scientific views end in awe and mystery, lost at the edge in uncertainty, but they appear to be so deep and so impressive that the theory that it is all arranged as a stage for God to watch man's struggle for good and evil seems inadequate."
- Richard P. Feynman - from Meaning of It All.