Age: 47
Sex: Male

My Biography

I have been listening to LoA since I first heard Lust in 1991. Ever since then they have been a part of my music collection, and I have no doubt that they have shaped my life and the way I think. Rock on!


Uber Geek: Programming, Graphic Design, Web Design
Computer Gaming: GuildWars, Rome: TW, StarCraft, Stronhold - anything strategy and multiplayer
Console Gaming: Dreamcast, GameCube, XBox, Nintendo DS
Board Gaming: Chess, Go
Card Gaming: Magic: The Gathering (old school)
Unpluged Hobbies: Bonsai, Haiku, Photography, Bike Riding

.:Haiku & Other Poetry:.

cold gems strike my face
soft whispers wash it all away
standing in the rain
- Cleansing, EchoBinary

reborn every day
to live life in every breath
smelling the blossoms
- Cherry Trees, EchoBinary

When all around me is howling wind and creaking trees
My mind shall be as a rock; stable and certain
When all around me there is no path to proceed
My mind shall be as water; seeking another way

When my mind is silent and still
I seek the unknown; that I might learn and grow
When my mind is raging with torrential emotions
I seek quiet and calm; that I might see clearly

If my mind is like a mirror
It will seek and not retain; flowing easily
If my mind is like a cup
It will be emptied; filling again
- Seeking the Mirror, EchoBinary (01/24/05)


"Sanity is the denial of chaos."
- EchoBinary

Only the half-mad are wholly alive.
- Unknown

Events and circumstances sometimes conspire against us; if we insist on inflexibility for the purpose of maintaining our beliefs, we end up compromising ourselves nevertheless. We salvage one set of principals only to forsake another.
- Terry Brooks

There are things that every person knows and cannot say or put into words. It is here that the meanings of all our lives are hidden.
- EchoBinary

It was like waking from a nightmare. Not a screamer, where impacted fears took on simple, terrible shapes, but the sort of dream, infinitely more disturbing, where everything is perfectly and horribly normal, and where everything is utterly wrong
- William Gibson

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.
- Frank Herbert (Bene Gesserit - Litany Against Fear)


Subject: 197702 ?Echobinary?
Project Status: Currently Running

Early attempts at establishing behavior patterns met with extreme resistance. This subject will be most interesting to observe. If we can maintain control ? this one may perhaps exceed most of the other subjects. Extreme guidance and discipline is necessary to make sure full potential is reached.
- Dr. Nequam
Tending towards independence, this subject rarely expresses anything revealing. Often my colleagues and I will observe the subject and later realize that we didn?t learn anything new. There seems to be almost a hidden core, or obscure place within the subjects persona that is guarded very carefully.
- Dr. Balestra
This subject has been most problematic. Often ignoring or rejecting provided stimuli, subject has tendency to retain independent thought. This remains an unexpected side effect of early influences on the subject. Attempts to establish behavior patterns were met with exceptional willfulness not noted in other test subjects. Although resilient, the subject chooses to engage in questionable behavior oftentimes leading to radical consequences. These stimuli only served to break the other subjects. Oddly this behavior only seemed to fortify the mental capacity of this subject.
- Dr. Nequam
Interactions with the other test subjects are limited. When interacting with the other subjects, however, there seems to be impatience. This subject seems to think there is always a better way. Easily frustrated with the other subjects seeming lack of motivation to seek or see such better ways, this subject prefers to perform tasks alone.
- Dr. Nequam
At present the subject seems to have normalized slightly. Choosing stability over precarious situations. This is such a major change in behavior that we feel it could be preparation for something. We feel excessive interaction with the subject led directly to the instability in Dr. Balestra and have put Dr. Nequam on close watch.
These records will now be classified.
Dr. Atherton - Director

.:Poll Results:.

Death - (30 Votes)|

Exploding? - 9 (30%)
Poison? - 8 (26%)
Stabbing? - 6 (20%)
Shooting? - 5 (16%)
Burning? - 2 (6%)

When I have sex I want - (60 Votes)

some pain - 21 (35%)
doggy style - 17 (28%)
an audience - 10 (16%)
privacy - 8 (13%)
to be tickled - 4 (6%)

Mona Lisa smiles like that because she - (60 Votes)

she just farted. - 20 (33%)
just did the painter. - 14 (23%)
saved 15% or more on car ins. - 14 (23%)
likes being mounted on a wall. - 10 (16%)
likes Al Pacino's hand there. - 2 (3%)
Is - (61 Votes)

god just like us? - 20 (32%)
god both able and willing? - 16 (26%)
god able but not willing - 13 (21%)
god neither able nor willing? - 11 (18%)
god willing to prevent evil? - 1 (1%)