RIP: 1982-2005
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Necrophiliac
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Grave Robber
Location: Lackawanna, NY. USA
My Biography
This is what my sign means,and it describes me to the fullest.
So this is all you really need to know about me,but if you wanna know more then message me.

Libra THE SCALES is the sign of the diplomat and the ditherer
Falling in love comes naturally to Librans, whose reason for living centres upon happy and enduring relationships. A life without love is just not worth contemplating, Libra can not function without someone special, for they long for emotional security. Problems arise when the reality does not match the ideal, and a complete inability to make a binding decision about relationships, (or anything else for that matter).

The bright side
Libra is easy going, charming and pleasant, all relationships are important to Libra, this sign simply can not do without other people, and makes an excellent party host. Libra is a sign that values peace at all costs, and is very fair minded. People like being around Librans, for in the event of a dispute they will seek a compromise. A word of caution on this compromise though, for things may not be what they seem, Librans can if they wish charm the birds from the trees!

Charming, easy going, romantic, diplomatic, idealistic, refined, in love with love.

The dark side
Oh the indecisiveness is famous! Librans either sit on the fence, (attempting to appear pleasing to all parties), or they swing wildly from one side of the argument to the other, (and not necessarily dependant on who they are talking to!)
This is not the most reliable of signs, either in what they should do, or in maintaining any particular view point. They are often accused of being two faced. Beneath that charming exterior it is less well known, and stealthily concealed that they are very self centred, and insist on getting their own way, (whatever that is today).

Indecisive, resentful, frivolous, changeable, flirtatious, easily influenced, highly susceptible to flattery.

Beneficial foods
Strawberries and plums.

You are most compatible with
Aquarius - a marvellous match.
Gemini - sublime.
Aries - opposites attract.
Scorpio - emotionally rewarding.
Taurus - very sensual.

Absolutely no chance!
Capricorn - don't bet on this one.
Cancer - very hard work.
Virgo - discordant.
Libra - indecisive, no decisive, whatever!
Sagittarius - too flighty.

Your opposite sign
is Aries

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