Age: 38
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Necrophiliac
Relationship: Single
Occupation: putting up with myself
Location: Regina Canada

My Biography
♥Just A Microwave♥

Pip Pip Cheerio!!
Only the coolest of the cool get to join Team Johnny Psycho... its only the raddest team out there. It's MUCH better then team Matt Quin. ahaha i win..

♥I hate being mee! Can I be you?♥
~I'm a lazy perfectionist~
~You no that teeter tottering is like sex? You both have the same pierce of wood in-between your legs and both of you can control the speed.~Chris
"Im not crazy, why do you keep saying Im crazy. Dont say Im crazy! Dont look
at me that way! Get the fuck away from me! Quit fucking looking at me!!! Stay
the fuck away!"

I own 2 cats now. saddly the other one die. but i will get a bigger cat in his memory. lol i got nothing else to really say. now i lost my train of thought. I'm to lazy to make a new profile so ill just use an old one.
self confidence BAH! who needs it.
I'm not one of those god believers. Being an atheist is what its all aboot<---(Canadian way of sayin it)I like to write poetry, maybe someday ill make a web page of it. thats a BIG maybe though. Cheese is good one of my fave foods, along side with Icetea and watermelon.

Hobbies and Interests
Sitting, sitting and thinking. Writing poetry, drawing, beating up my friends, sleeping in, painting nails. being amused by shiny things. dreaming, listening to music. Watching people(the game of people watching). Going to parks. Swinging on swings.

The story of how i get my new cat.
>matt says:
haha postman pat had a black and white cat
(mee)jeezie crapperss says:
well your right he had one. i took it. first i killed him by running him over with his own van then backing up and running ove rhim then backing up once again then going over him. just to make sure he is good and dead. then i started a fire in his gas tank and grabbed the cat and ran. now im here.
>matt< says:
but he was postman pat
>matt says:
how could you do that to postman pat
(mee)jeezie crapperss says:
easy after years of him not giving us our mail on time. i knew it was time to take him out. for good!
>matt< says:
well i guess if he was late with the mail he had it coming, but its nice that you saved the cat
jeezie crapperss says:
ya that cat never did anything wrong
>matt< says:
well this one time he gave me a dirty look and i almost shaved his ass bald but then i realized the sun was in his eyes
(mee)jeezie crapperss says:
or maybe he just wanted you to think it was the sun.

who remember Fraggle rock?!?!?
I love quotes they funny and amusing. and always good for msn names... Do you have any good ones?
mine usually gets lost with the other sock you can never find.

When I get all old and decrepit, I?ll become one of those crazy BINGO ladies that flips out when you make to much noise. But unlike those ladies ill make you shut up by stabbing you with my bingo dabbers. I?ll also bring my good luck cats, and if getting stabbed with bingo dabbers isn?t enough to shut you up well then, you will be pelted with cats!


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