Age: 43
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Monk
Relationship: Married
Occupation: Charter Business
Location: Louisville, KY. USA
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My Biography

a little about me

I am more commonly known as Tsali these days.

Married to an awesome woman.

I have been dead. I died for several minutes on June 18th 2011. I suffered from an extreme case of Diverticulitis that lead to 3 months total time in the hospital, 1 month straight on initial stay and 75% of my colon being removed. I had a temporary colostomy between surgeries. My death came from complications post op, pneumonia, infections and fluid build up around my heart. At this time I am about 98% recovered, but still suffer from a lot of pain every moment I breathe.

I am currently 43 but since last June it was questionable if i'd even make it this far.

Working as an Business Tech Specialist for a Cable ISP. Worked for the company itself for seven years and have been in their Internet Tech Support, Telephone Tech Support, Wireless/Networking and Antivirus Support, Video Tech Support and escalations tech support teams.

Eastern Band Cherokee Indian.

Part time photographer.

tsali.net is my homesite
tsali.fotki.com is the main location where I house my photography online.

Louisville Ky is my hometown, but I have lived in many places around the country.

I'd rather be living and working on a farm than doing what I currently do.


friendfeed.com/tsali - aggregate of all services I'm on.

I'd rather work in a sewage treatment plant than deal with the customers I speak with at my job. At least that shit doesn't talk back

10 cats
1 Bunny
1 Greyhound
1 Chihuahua

Passed on:
1 Beagle/Basset Hound mix (Technically missing, but has been missing for a year now)
1 Sinaloan Milksnake
2 Ferrets
19 Fish

PS! Look at me! Updating this in May 2012, I previously updated in November 2010!! I haven't updated this since June 2009 before then!!