Age: 33
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Engaged
Location: Cortland, NY. USA
My Biography
things i ♥:
The dozens of places to curl up with a book

Putting together a swing set for a children and seeing the look in their eyes

The art of conversation

Taking something off the grocery shelf, deciding you dont want it, and then putting it in another section

Rainbows apologizing for angry skies

The smell of rain

Being able to say I did it myself

Warm, dry socks from the dryer

Eating the chocolate bunnys head off first

Poetry that doesnt rhyme

Recalling childhood memories

Notebooks with blank pages to be filled

The thank you glance you get from letting someone get in line in front of you

Beaches youre sure no one else has discovered

Starting a relationship with a feeling of wonder at the uniqueness of the other person


Eating the cookie batter before it makes it to the oven

Getting back to the time when you couldnt think of anything but each other

The way peanut butter spreads

A sea horse in a an aquarium

A quiet day with kids

Requesting and dedicating a song on the radio

Watching kids dive into a pool

Candle lighting

Singing on the school bus

Summer camps, learning how to make belts, ashtrays, and gimp lanyards

Taking an art appreciation course

Falling in love

Children hurling stuffed animals from their cribs

Making friends with a dog

Bright sun causing an afternoon nap

Writing happy birthday on a pizza

Meeting new people and friends

Backwards lettering on clubhouse doors

Sharing a dream

Years from now remembering everything: the light, the words, the magic

The roar of a crowd

Leafing through boxes of old photos

Petting a horse

A walk downtown

Responding with a jump of the heart

A children's sandbox

Popsicle sticks

Swings made from old tires

Insightful, thought-provoking books

Sending flowers

Comparing movies to books

Making the dog taste-test your food

Being misled by the tinted windows of a microwave into thinking something is done

Sleeping soundly when it's snowing hard at bed time, waking up full of anticipation

A dog or cat circling a spot 3 or 4 times before settling on it

Babies in bootees and snow overalls

Practicing dance steps in the middle of the living room

Peanut butter so sticky you could mortar bricks with it

A waterfall wearing a rainbow tiara

Acts of kindness, no matter how small, never being wasted

Eating so much pasta, you can't move


Paper airplanes

Making a birthday special

Surprising someone

Showing children love

Fantod- nervous moments

Someone loving the smell of you

Delight at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start

Making Christmas cookies

Hair falling in your face

Flexible straws

Kids riding in shopping carts

Kids pretending to hold a Miss America pageant

99 cent paper chefs hats

Hour-long phone calls


Fortune cookies

Jell-O cookbooks

Watching a child learn to tie their shoes

Midnight motorcycle rides

A sale of books that cost 25 cents to $3

The sandpaper-like feel of a cat's tongue

Getting tickets to a play

Making sure all your friends get home safely from a party

When children exceed their expectations

The distance from your wrist to elbow being the same length as your foot

The Hokey-Pokey

Kids with t-shirts on backwards and shoes on the wrong feet

Suctions cups on bath mats

Crayons with extremely obscure color names

Chasing an ice cream truck

Sharing popcorn

Dr. Seuss books

Trying to work things out on your own

Buying a book and getting lost in a new realm

Newborn puppies that trip-over ears

Thumb wrestling

Eating with your fingers

Putting your arm out the car window

Not taking life too seriously because its here to be enjoyed

Three kinds of people in the world: those who make things happen, those who allow things to happen, and those who dont care

Perfect couples

Root beer candy

Bubble gum ice cream

Driving to the house in which you grew up

Writing labels recording the jams fruit and birth date

Things not always being what they seem

Picking strawberries and blueberries by the pailful

A barn busy with horses stamping and snorting

Crazy rabbit, who loves Trix

Sturdy flat-heeled shoes

Letting some make you laugh

A post office pen that writes

A truck stop with great spicy ribs and sweet-potato pie

Eating ice cream sandwiches by licking around the sides

Using a hot tub

Christmas tree jell-o

Lumps that block the sugar from pouring spouts of sugar out of dispensers

Painting your nails a new and erotic color

Broadening someone's horizon

The spot on the shopping-mall map marked "You are here"

The loose strand on each forkful of spaghetti that beats you on the chin

Soft worn jeans

Lonely French fries at the bottom of a fast-food bag

Doughnut day

Mc Donald's Christmas cups

Not being too grown up for anything

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink