Age: 44
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Monk
Relationship: Engaged
Occupation: -->|Not living at all|
Location: EnsenadaMexico
My Biography

I LOVE... no more.
Likes : Life.... Music.... Guns.... "beautiful" people... Chains, rust metal, HUGE metal works, scars, scratches in my back, bites in my neck, FiRe!, computers (except when they are f**ked up), explosives, guitars, spikes, black dressing, black long skirts, cemetaries (or graveyards, however you may call them), skulls, mirrors, Caffeine!!!, the kind of love who Homer Adams shows and feels to Morticia Adams (.. I need my Morticia!! .. *Sad* ), people who leaves comments in here (I REPLY, I swear), W I D E Openminded people, ancient traditions and places, caves, Brian Warner, tatoos & tatooed girls, piercings (not so extreme ones), sharp/pointy objects, ME.. and.. well...Don't know! "stuff".
(Take out the spaces)
Ask me for more info or try to catch me in MSN... or Yahoo... or AIM
Dislikes : .... hmmm .... People who doesn't knows how to use their car's directionals to turn.... people who awakes me (Not only dislike it, it makes me MAD!)... Being awake because the F***ing phone rings! >:( ...people who orders and people who begs...people who are soo onside the "System", because it is potentially (not, not an agent) a looser (a sheep of the herd), 'wannabies' (hmm, not at all, it's just that they are finding their own personality), ClosemindeD people, the fact that I'm (still) not able to physically fly, BaD JokeS, Girls who takes pics of their ass and/or boobs to make people ( me ) look at their profiles!, ME... And... don't know, many uncountable things... Info: same as above.
Favorite Music : All that kind of slow/depressive if I'm in that mood, like Lynda Perry, My Dying Bride, Teathre of Tragedy, PORTISHEAD, Type O Negaive, Moby, Radiohead, classical music... etc.. And the METAL/Black Metal/Power Metal if I'm in that mood, like PANTERA, RAMMSTEIN, DeicidE, Slayer, Iced-Earth, Gorefest, etc...
Also Marilyn Manson, Madredeus, Vangelis, KoRn, Deftones, PigFace, Veruca Salt, Eva O, Sepultura (with Max), Ministry, Pink Floyd, Apocaliptica, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, t.A.T.u (yes, so what?!), the hard METALLICA, Ozzy and Black Sabbath, The Doors, some Slayer, Kittie, Canibal Corpse, Gorefest, Good Charlotte, Murderdolls, London After Midnight, BAUHAUS, Apocaliptica, The Smashing Pumpkins, System of a Down, Six Feet Under, Coal Chamber, 4 non blondes, The Doors, blah blah...
Bio : What çan I say abou' me?... humm... I'm, like... weird or something, çan't live without musiç, likes meeting people and stay in touçh with them, not any kind of people, I like those who not only çare about their 'external' look, I'm more interested in their point of view of all or many things that happens every day, I like people who thinks, who uses their brain; not those who lives in images &/or soçial stereotypes ... I´m someone who lives by night and rest by day, with a very different point of view of almost everything instead of çritiçizing anything that anyone çould/çan dislike. And... and ... ("and she") .... And I'm gonna put some more as I çan know what else to write abou' me.
Some more crappy pics? Well, go here : riendName=Gerard

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink