Age: 40
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Location: Lafayette, IN. USA
My Biography

*waves her hand in your face*

Im Haley. Hi. First off........ i don't give a fuck what you or the person behind you or your cousins mother thinks about me. IM happy, i love being me, im the nicest, coolest most laid back person i know. I am who i am.....and thats all i want to be, and all i ever will be and everyone should be so. Stop tryin to change yourself for the media people, stop trying to be that 90 pound pile of bones that you seem to think is how you are suppose to look, because thats what you have been told. If you want to wear one blue shoe and one orange. DO IT. Your not fat, your not ugly and your not stupid. Your a beautiful person. Welcome to life everyone! Glad you didn't miss the boat! or the short bus for that manner :| I've come to learn fast that life is short, there is something so much greater and longer beyond this. So why not enjoy this and be happy with who you are . If you want to die....... Ill give your ignorant ass a razor. Just let me know. If you are hanging out with people who make you feel like shit. YOUR IGNORANT and its your own damn fault. Don't blame people for your falls. YOu build your own world around you.


*people who ride teh short bus, are cool
*tv and magazines LIE
*lawyers and sales people are not your friends
*sea monkies are cool and can be trained to do tricks with flashlights
*vaccum cleaners always break
*pot should be legal and alchohol shouldn't
*The government is fucked up
*Photoshop is cool
*You can sing, so you should
*Work sux, get a job
*i like to eat.....bout anything
*Tats and piercings are a big turn on
*country makes people puke
*your myspace picture is so much better than how you really look
*being a geek is cool
*love somebody, it's ok
*have a computer addiction is acceptable
*having good hair is alot of work
*reeses are the best
*people will probably try to use you, 1st time shame on them second time shame on you
*people who pawn there stuff for drug and alchohol money should be shot
*loud music and concerts are the best
*im cool
*spam mail me, and u will pay the price
*my cell phones usually last about a month
*we should smile more
* i cant spell, get over it , i have
*there are alot of things i want to put that i cant think of now

*what i like?*

*you, i like you for who you are. Your a brilliant mind and one of a kind.

*Find Me THis Summer*

*Tom Petty
Verizon Wireless Music Center
Noblesville, IN
Fri, 06/23/06
7:00 pm
On Sale Sat, 05/06/06

*NIN concert
Mon, 07/03/06
07:00 PM
Nine Inch Nails Verizon
Wireless Music Center
Noblesville, IN

*Ozzfest 2006
Sun, 07/23/06
11:00 AM
Verizon Wireless Music Center
Noblesville, IN

*Warp Tour 2006
Fri, 07/28/06
12:00 PM Vans
Verizon Wireless Music Center
Noblesville, IN

*family values tour KORN AND DEFTONES!
Wed, 09/06/06
02:00 PM
Family Values Tour 2006 with Korn, Deftones & More!
Tower City Amphitheater
Cleveland, OH
More Info
presale begins
: Wed, 06/07/06 10:00 AM

*also i hear something about roger waters eh....

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink