Age: 34
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Married
Occupation: sex slave
Location: Binghamton, NY. USA
My Biography
hi. call me jade. im 21 years old. im a sub and have been involved in the D/s lifestyle for the past four and a half years. i dont have a Dom at the moment. i hope to talk to anyone involved in BDSM, especially D/s. i'm a bad gurl, kinda goth.

my life is pretty boring, but here it is....... recovering bulimic and cutter. i've been cutting since i wuz 12. i've also started burning myself. i like hard rock music, Arcane being in my top 10 favorite (, check 'em out). i love smokin grass with my crew and gettin all sorts of fucked up. im a twisted sadistic nympho bitch. hells yea!!!! i plan on going to college as a psychology major.

i write poetry, mostly darker poetry but some is about love. ummmmmmm...... that's it i guess........
i ♥ Lords of Acid, they rock!!

fav. quotes-

'Life sux, then u die' - Metallica

'Somedays its not even worth chewing thru the restraints.'

'In my bondage I'm set free'- Lords of Acid (Slave to Love)

'Boys are only good as pets'- unknown

'I'm a slave 4 u'- Brittney Spears (Slave 4 u)

'OMG!! STFU!!'

'I'm a sucker for guys in eyeliner.'

'fallen angels at my feet/ whispered voices at my ear/ death b4
my eyes/ lying next 2 me i fear/ she beckons me, shall i give
in/ upon my end shall i begin/ forsaking all i've fallen 4 i
rise 2 meet the end' - Evanescence (Whisper)

'this world is just an idiot's parade'- Good Charlotte (The
Chronicles of Life and Death)

'i'm a slave and i am a Master/ no restraints and unchecked
collectors/ i exist thru my need 2 self-oblige/ she is
something in me that i despise'- Slipknot (Vermillion)

' they (slipknot) sound like Tre coughing up a
hairball' - Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day

more to come........

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink