Age: 32
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Sophomore
Location: bellefontaine, OH. USA
My Biography
Hey..I'm Kat. I'm 16. I'm pretty short, yea...I'm an official midget..get over it, . I don't label myself. I am very different..odd at times. I don't take things very serously, although at times, I have. If your into what I am, then I'll get along with you just fine. I attend school at BLHS, and I'm a sophomore. I live for today. I take relationships extremely seriously, although I've never dated anyone who has also. Oh..I'm a big druggy, you don't like it? to bad. I want to date someone I can smoke a joint with, without hearing them bitch the entire time. No straight edgers for me!!
I like:*fishnet*black makeup*goths*punks*skaters *ravers*guitars*poetry*committment*late night phone calls*confidence*safety pins*band members*baggy pants*blowpops*peircings*t attoos*spikes*metal jewlry*boxers*thongs*cuddling*heavy eyeliner*electric tape*love letters*permanant markers*bubble wrap*knives*singing and playing guitar for my band*the movie: un*mohawks,bihawks, and trihawks*
Dislikes : jerks*cheaters*jocks*preps *headaches*straight edgers*posers*smelly people*meat*being alone*labels*heart breakers*concerts that are to expensive*sold out concerts*Homophobia*old men*
Favorite Music : *MSI* *Yellowcard* *Cake* *Marilyn Manson* *Slipknot* *Jack off Jill* *Crass* *CKY* *Good Charlotte* *Dashboard Confessionals* *Lost Prophets* *Lynyrd Skynyrd* *Kiss* *Fleetwood Mack* *Thursday* *AFI* *White Stripes* *Weezer* *Sublime* *Nirvana* *All American Rejects* *Bobalfex* *Metallica-their old shit* *System of a Down* *Godsmack* *Story Of The Year* *Korn* *Green Day* *Kitty*Iron Maiden* *Taking back Sunday* *funeral dress* The Ramones* *The Distillers* *Jimi Hendrix* *Static X* *The Vines* *Coal Chamber* *Mudvayne* *Flaw* *Orgy* O-tep* *The Used* *Nine Inch Nails* *The Misfits* *No Doubt* *Smashing Pumpkins* *Sum 41* *Saliva* *Slaves on Dope* *Dope* *Tool* *Gorillaz* *Rammstein* *Pink Floyd* *Silverchair* *Agony in Absence* *Nickel Parade* *MxPx* *AC/DC* *The Strokes* *Nickelback* *Alice in Chains* *Ozzy* *Black Sabbith* *Disturbed* *Monkeynutt* *Kid Rock-the old shit* *Tatu* *Poison* *mushroomhead* *Cradle* *Slayer*

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink