Age: 49
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Polyamorous
Relationship: Worshipping Ven
Location: Whorelando, FL. USA

My Biography

My divorce was finaly on APRIL 11, 2007!
Wow. It was difficult but I'm so much better off now.
I moved to the SPACE COAST in FLORIDA. I'm 12 miles from the beach and can go everyday if I want! My tan is nice and my mind is happy.
I'm about to be working again after taking the entire summer off!
Hopefully I'll get hired at the local Community College. Today is my 35th birthday and I hope to go out for OYSTERS and a DRINK!

VEN is my hero and I love his "Pepper" really check out his DAILY CHILE for real!

Until the next update feel free to contact me on myspace and I can add you as a friend.




So, I'm surviving! Actually it's already getting better. I'm free and loving it! Wow! It's hard to know how bad things are if you're submerged in it. Getting out and reclaiming my life is AWESOME! Life is good and I'm smiling again!!!!


I'm going through a painful divorce. We've been married for 6 years and together for 8. I blame him and he blames me, when in fact I think it was TOO MUCH PARTYING! Ultimately it doesn't matter, because it's over.


Living in Orlando for a little over a year now. Moved from the Sacramento / Bay Area. Before that I lived in Atlanta. I've been seriously into Lords of Acid and Praga Khan since 1997. Got my first taste of Deb on stage at the Masquerade in 2000 - I was one of 2 girls on stage with Deb during the "Pussy" song! I'll always cherish that night! If anyone has photos of that sequence PLEASE message me! I'd kill for a momento.


So what do I listen to? Here's a sample list (not complete by any stretch of the imagination). Lords of Acid, Praga Khan, Thrill Kill Cult, Bauhaus, Peter Murphy, Love and Rockets, Daniel Ash, Perry Ferrell, Porno for Pyros, Janes Addiction, NIN, Trent Reznor, Butthole Surfers, Gibby Haynes (and His Problem), OZZY, KORN, White Stripes, Gwen Stefani, Hole, Green Goblyn Project, Skif Dank, Wolfy Lonesome, Leftover Crack, Misfits, Danzig...


Lords of Acid

Bloodshot eyes needle vain bright colors higher higher
More more power brain white doves higher higher
Headkick dangerzone flashlight red alert
Speedball cool stoned bells ringing higher higher
Love peace freedom dream landscape higher higher
Big blue marble trees more more higher higher
Green cliffs purple sea funfare spooky birds
Flatline crystal beach brainwaves higher

Spaceman God holy ships on the water higher higher
Lust sins leather lips more more higher higher
Braindead lost souls crack junk empty streets
Hell fire closed doors free drinks higher

He's on the inside, in his own world
He's flying through darkness
He's on the inside - he's on the inside

What positon gets you off the best? - (22 Votes)

Doggie Style - 10 (45%)
Girl on top - 6 (27%)
Girl on Stomach - 4 (18%)
Standing - 1 (4%)
Missionary - 1 (4%)

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