Age: 51
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: Senior Finance and Business Analyst
Location: Orlando, FL. USA
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My Biography
♥Okay, I haven't been on this site for a VERY long time. Since last time, I've been to Sunset and partied with The Crystal Method and went to Ultra2008 too. I LOVE electronica, trance, techno and house music. I just saw Armin van Buuren this past Monday and am going to see Junkie XL Sat. Have fun people and stay safe. LOVE, Suzanne♥


♥Going to see Tiesto tonight (9/12/07) at the House of Blues!!!♥

Just came back from the ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL in Miami ♥. TOTALLY LOVED it. We saw Tiesto, Rabbit in the Moon (incredible performance), Paul van Dijk, DJ Baby Anne, Ferry Corsten, Fatboy Slim and many many more. We missed BT to see PVD, and also missed Deepdish, Danny Tenaglia and a few others that performed the same time as Tiesto and PVD, so that was a bummer, but other than that we LOVED it. Can't wait till next year ♥

WHEN are LOA &/or PRAGA touring FLORIDA? I MUST, I MUST, I MUST GET MY KICKS!!!! Please, if anyone knows PRAGA, beg him for me. I have been waiting to see him since 1989 and don't want to see him when I'm old and with a cane. I MUST DANCE to LOA LIVE!!! PLEASE!!!

Do you have a sexual fantasy? Would you dare telling? Have you ever fulfilled your fantasies? Just curious...

I grew up on an island (ARUBA) and moved to Orlando at 18. This is where I met Sandro (husband and love of my life), who introduced me to the Lords. I get natural highs from LOA and Prodigy and can dance to them ALL night and day.

Favorite Food: Sushi ♥
Favorite Sweets: DARK chocolate
Favorite Drink: DARK beer
Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink: Water
Favorite Designer: BCBG/Bebe
Favorite Actor: Brad Pitt
Favorite Movie: Red Shoe Diaries (the original, not the sequels)
Favorite "Slow" Song: Something I Can Never Have (Nine Inch Nails)
Favorite Dance Song: Intruder
Favorite TV Shows: 24 & Survivor
Favorite Position: Anything with ME in CONTROL
Favorite Male Feature (besides the obvious): Stomach. Looks come first, followed by personality and brain. Oh, and they need good rhythm too. Sexual attraction brings about HOT STEAMY SEX and helps keep the passion growing strong.

Best Advice:

To: AlphaGirl
From: str8freakn
Date/Time: 08/04/2003 - 10:10 pm

Fat chicks are nowhere near as fun to ride as mopeds:
1. Mopeds don't call you in the morning asking for pizza.
2. Mopeds get waaayyy better mileage on gas.
3. Cheaper to fill.
4. You can tell your moped you love it...and mean it.
5. Mopeds don't cry when you kick them.
6. Mopeds never follow you home when your mad at them!

LOVE IT!!!! (No offense meant to any overweight people though. It's just a funny joke).

NINE LETTERS (Excerpt from passage by Bulletboy)

A ...All eyes turned now...
L ...lacking empathy and...
P ...pity toward the girl.
H ...Her words had ignited...
A ...anger and lust. His...
G ...gun still smoked.
I ...Insane passion still...
R ...raged between these...
L ...lovers.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink