Age: 39
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Curious
Relationship: Sleeping Around
Occupation: Receptionist
Location: Philadelphia, PA. USA

My Biography
♥Love to my friend for life, X ♥

I've missed internet so much! But now, I get to sneak online from work like ALL DAY LONG (well, not ALL day) and wreak havoc! I buzz open doors for people who get paid more than I do, I sit at a desk and stare out the front door of our office building - I have a lovely view of the sidewalk out front. I love watching movies as long as they're not all weepy and sad. I'm a huge fan of Rose McGowan and Christopher Walken. I love to eat...italian is favorite. I'm pretty quiet and laid back. I like people with open minds and good ( sometimes bordering 'sick' ) senses of humor, I fantasize, I'm curteous to anyone who is curteous to me. I am openly bisexual, and happy about it.

and most importantly -
I must, I must, I must increase my bust

...feel like helping? I'm open to new suggestions. :)

(it's a huge turn-on for me - and if you enjoy as well, that's excellent, but I'm doing it for me - not to fulfill any insecurities brought on by others...)


All the movies I have gone to lately have been really, realllllly reaaallllllllllllllllyyy bad...and it's so expensive to just sit in a theater for 2+ hours (commercials at the beginning included in price of admission)...and to be dissapointed is really. Um. Dissapointing. Has anyone seen anything GOOD lately??

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink