Age: 39
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Doin' About Everything
Occupation: Hot Topic- Assistant Manager
Location: Lackawanna/ Buffalo, NY. USA
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My Biography


I miss my membership! :0(

I have a daughter ♥(Starla Rose)♥ who means everything to me. I love my job, I'm assistant manager at Hot Topic, it kicks ass! I have lots of tattoos and peircings, I enjoy having them and will have many more to come. That's about it, I'm pretty boring, I stay home a lot.

I love so many things, mostly my daughter family and friends. I would do anything for the people I love.

I'm a music fanatic and love so many differnent styles of music. I love going to concerts and blasting music in my car!

Movies: Party Monster, Rocky Horror Picture Show, SLC Punk, Mean Girls, House of 1000 Corpses, Devils Rejects, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, American History X, The Cell, SPUN, Strangeland, The Butterfly Effect, thirteen, A Clockwork Orange, Finding Nemo, Strir or Echoes, Coyote Ugly...... and more

~When your the boy that I want
I'll be the girl that you hate~

~Give me some antiseptic
to wash this headache away
give me a syringe
to inject the pain~

~Will you love me any less
if I hurt u anymore?~

~I'm not afraid of looking ugly
I couldn't care what they say
I'm not afraid of happy endings
I'm just afraid my life won't work that way~

~Kids sure like the devil these days
And I'm the devil with the black dress on~

~We are all candy covered on the outside
peel away the shell and we're rotten on the inside
we are all angry angry on the outside
peel out your eyes
take my advice
blinded by fear sugar and spice~
**All lyrics by JoJ**

Stacy... twas funn. I never had to pee so bad in my life! Ahh that lady was quite scarry. Well gotta go get the penis outta the supply closet now...

~Such romantic eyes
got me hypnotized
And if I had my chance I'd never let you go!~
**Kill Hannah**

~Ever since you have been gone
it's all caffiene-free, faux punk fatigue
said it all before......
none of them want to fight me
Combat Baby!~

Murder By Death

Killbot 2000

a smell like cigarettes drifts softly through the vents
the room is filling up with smoke and little bodies
tell all the boys and girls from school to keep breaking all the rules
to show their parents that theyre individuals
datura flakes off from your lips youve lost the swagger in your hips
your eyes are turning blue to grey
your skin feels soft and sagging down your arms drag across the ground
with each step you take
and they fall from the jungle gyms and they fall
and piss away each night among the sound of bodies crawling round the room
i can smell their flesh on everything left in this room
chalk and scattered crayons on empty desks
for weeks finding clumps of unwashed hair caught between the vents blowing
carry their little bodies to the cemetary
so gently
please dont let their necks crook towards the ground

Machine Love baby! woo!
Fav place for a tattoo on a female? - (45 Votes)

Lower Back - 27 (60%)
Thigh - 8 (17%)
Upper back - 6 (13%)
Arm - 2 (4%)
Ankle - 2 (4%)
Favorite type of porn.... - (70 Votes)

girl on girl - 30 (42%)
anal - 19 (27%)
gang bang - 9 (12%)
softcore - 7 (10%)
fat chicks - 5 (7%
Best type of condom.... - (112 Votes)

NONE - 60 (53%)
Shared sensation - 19 (16%)
Ribbed - 17 (15%)
Glow in the dark - 10 (8%)
Flavored - 6 (5%)
Best place to purchase lingerie (both sexes.... I don't judge) - (53 Votes)

Fredrick's of Hollywood - 18 (33%)
a random porn shop - 15 (28%)
Victoria's Secret - 14 (26%)
other - 5 (9%)
Ebay - 1 (1%)
Favorite fetish/sex toy...... - (127 Votes)

Hancuffs/Anklecuffs - 41 (32%)
I'm innocent - 29 (22%)
Ball Gag - 24 (18%)
Whip - 20 (15%)
Blindfold - 13 (10%)

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink