Age: 39
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Bio Major @ Villanova
Location: NJ USA
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My Biography
Lovin' the Lords since my best friend's brother picked us up from the movies blasting Pussy in his car...circa 1998...I saw them for the first time in 2002 at the Troc and it was amazing! I can't wait to see some more...

Thanks so much to ♥BulletBoy♥ for makin me one of the Babes of Acid, it was quite flattering :)

Me: I'm not gonna lie, I am nerdcore, I go to college to study myself nutty and have social life of a dead fish...But for some odd reason I really like it...haha...Yeah and on the other hand...I really like Bettie Page and various other pin-ups, girlie stuff like make-up, fancy clothes, and shoes...There's other stuff I like and there's much more to if you're inquisitive, just ask...And above all Im here for my love for LOA...isn't that the reason we're all here?...well it should be!

Proud Member of the ♥Asthma is Sexy!!! Club♥
Thanks to the Main Puff Guru cRazYwaDs!
Breathin'Heavy BettyPg9: Medicinal Mistress -don't get me too excited!
Breathe deep my fellow asthma sexpots!

She's sweet enough to give you diabetes and hot enough to give you a 3rd degree burn...ow ow ow...I'm talking about the lovely Miss Rollin6s
"from a song for you from me:
She's exotic but not foreign, built like an old Cadillac
She's a knockout
Once she's left your life she ain't never commin' back
She's a knockout
With her black silk stockings and her high-heeled shoes
She's a knockout
Once she's left your life you'll surely sing the blues
She's a knockout"

♥♥♥Femme Fatale Angels♥♥♥
The Soundtrack for some Sultry Ladies....grrrowl
V2thaG Just Like Heaven
Rollin6's Wicked Pussycat
BettyPg9 She's A Knockout
And really does hurt when you fall from heaven...

Porn Star Generator
Middle Name + Street Name = Smutastic!

♥Lynn Dewey♥ "Pin-up girl, Barely Legal Bio Student, ALWAYS on the Dean's List for being a Bad bad girl"
-thanks Sonicleash

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