Age: 52
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Polyamorous
Relationship: Sleeping Around
Occupation: Suffering And Pain (IT)
Location: Leuven Belgium

My Biography
a.k.a. Gert (van het concert), a.k.a. Gert (from the concert). What concert? None specific. Just an old nick for the musical moves I make.

Belgian. Born in Leuven, raised in... Wezemaal. ;o)
Divorced. 1 son (Sander, °1999).
Now living in Leuven (ieverans boven oep den Boelenberg, in klein-Wilsele)

My musical interest is, strange enough, rather chauvinistic:
It started with New Beat (the Antler Subway stuff) and Electronic Body Music (Front242).
Later on, I got heavily addicted to Dutch-singing groups like Tröckener Kecks, The Scene, Gorki, De Mens. Plus K's Choice, Sarah Bettens.
After a sabbatical music leave, I added Rammstein, Praga Khan and Lords of Acid. With enthusiasm.

Others: The Pixies, Ozark Henry, Sinéad O'Connor, Daan, Ultrasonic7, Red Zebra, de Lama's, Roy Orbison, Will Tura, The Boondocks/Babel.

Future concert plans
- Festiv'Halle - 15/07/2006 - Sarah Bettens, Buscemi, Krezip, Absynthe Minded, A Brand, Swinnen
- MarktRock 2006, Leuven - 13, 14 & 15/08 (security)
- MaanRock 2006, Mechelen - 19 & 20/08 (security)

- Als je doet wat je niet doen wil, is dat zonde van de tijd (TK).
- Hell is other people ("L'enfer, c'est les autres," Sartre). Heaven is also other people (Gert).
- My mind is my enemy (Praga Khan)

And especially for the people who take life/death to serious:
- The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think. (Horace Walpole)
- If you got to go, go with a smile. (The Joker in "Batman")

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Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink