Age: 56
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Married
Occupation: Mystics ;-)
Location: Ghent Belgium

My Biography
d'Artagnan and I met on September 2001 and we got married on Friday, October 13th 2006.
He learned me how to 'LIVE'. Before I was always there to help out others and my own problems could wait, but when I needed help once... no one came.

d'Artagnan and I have started a business of our own (a mobile snackwagon).

I've got 2 sons, Kenneth was born on August 23th 1999 and my youngest, Matthias was born on June 28th 2003. They're great kids and I love them so much!

I also had a beautiful daughter once, born on July 28th 1998, but she died on
February 7th 2001 (by a medical mistake from the hospital).
She was only 2,5 years old.
I still miss my little Gwendolynn every day... she was so lovely!

I'm so lucky to have so much support from my partner, family and friends... thanks to them I still go on and still love life and see things a bit positive in darker days !!!
They're the greatest !!!

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