Age: 58
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Married
Occupation: Being rebel
Location: BILZEN Belgium

My Biography

[How long does it take a (skinny) puppy
to starve to death in a laboratory?

Dressed in Black, forever.

I'm not faking my bio.
I'm not goth..............
I'm not into drugs......
I'm not into SM.........

Life sucks.
Life can be very cool.

There's a lot of members with a bit of a twisted mind, swimming againts the mainstream of society, having trouble with 'Why do I live'. I join them.
In a crowd I only feel at home if it's at a 'black' festival.

Don't believe in a god.
All the wars are about some stupid religion ..... or f***ing money.

I hate political leaders. If there is an issue they don't listen to what the majority wants but decide to do what some idiots shout about.
I hate the society. To many narrow-minded people. One monkey follows the other.
I hate the media. They are not objective. Try to control our minds.
I hate commercials.

About my addiction for music.

First of all music has always been important to me. Above all music is like a therapy for me. I like to dance, get out of control and work of aggressive frustrations inside me. A sad song is like an important companion when you need it.

It started when I was about 15.

First New Wave, like the first 7 albums of The Cure and The Simple Minds. But also U2, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and many, many more.

Very soon followed by Electronic Body Music(EBM) like Front 242 (the source of ALL kinds of dance music) and DAF.

... and most important Industrial. My 2 ALL time favorites are Skinny Puppy and Frontline Assembly!!! They are the real masters of elektronic music. Yes. Nivek Ogre is Edgar Alan Poe, Beethoven and Mahatma Ghandi in one person. He (they) should get the Nobel prize for peace.

But there are more good musicians of couse.

I always followed the youth trough Acid, House, Techno, and defenetly Drum & Bass. Staying young hah.

Then there are the Lords of Acid and Praga Khan of course !!! A combination of all of the music I love. Soooo great. What a thrill one gets at a concert with these guy's. Very nice and down to earth people. They (including Karl S.) are at the same level as FLA and SP in my list of professors in music.

Through music I got to know my beautifull wife Nadine, back in '84. Love here ever since. ♥ Married her in '88.

Besides music I like to do sports and I like my cars. Favorites sports are Volleyball, Baseball, Badminton. Have also done Judo, Tae-Kwando and Athletics.

Favorite Cars are my Ford Orion and Ford Sierra Cosworth.

Another hobby is fotography.

My job is so secret that I don't know it myself.

Some artists/bands I like and own one or more records from)
Chemical Brothers
Chris and Cosey
Anne Clark
The Cure
Executive Slacks
Funker Vogt
The Klinik
Annnabel Lamb
Marilyn Manson
Massive Attack
The Neon Judgement
Nitzer Ebb
Noise Unit
Pearl Jam
Primal Scream
The Prodigy
Rage against the machine
Severed Heads
Siouxsie and the Banshees
The Sisters of Mercy
Roni Size & Reprazent
Skunk Anansie
Luke Slater
David Sylvian
Unit Mobius
Velvet Acid Christ
VNV Nation
A Split Second
Alien Sex Fiend
Arbeid Adelt
Ball Dave
Bowie David
Bush Kate
C Cat Trance
Cabaret Voltaire
Chris & Cosey
Clan of Xymox
Click Click
Clock DVA
Conspiratie International
Crash Course in Science
Fad Gadget
John Fox
Kraft werk
Modern English
New Order
Nitzer Ebb
Pink Floyd
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Revolting Cocks
Section 25
Severed Heads
Simple Minds
Siouxie & the Banchees
Sisters of Mercy
Talking Heads
TC Matic
The The
Tones on Tail
Tubeway Army
X Mal Deutschland

Do the USA members like the Belgian Members? - (69 Votes)

Yeah, very much !!! ___________38__(55%)
Don't know, don't care. ________12__(17%)
Some are cool, some not. ______8___(11%)
They are OK :-) ______________8___(11%)
No, I don't like them. :-( ______3___(4%)

Are the moslims not overreacting on the Danish cartoon? - (32 Votes)

Yes, they are._______________19____(59%)
Make more of these cartoons___6___(18%)
50/50 They have a point_______4____(12%)
Don't care___________________2____(6%)
No, they should apologize____1____(3%)

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink