Age: 44
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Internet Op
Location: Bali, ID. Indonesia
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My Biography
♥Just a Lil Storie Bout Me noW...
Im Kind a Shy,Unconfidentself person...but actually Im a funny n fun person + full of love, n some bad behavior from the past, it's really disturbin my own future...I dunno who really Iam anymore...n what Im lookin for...But I try to be Happy and Enjoy My Life♥

♥My Favorite Thing's To Do...
MY Favorte Book's is Kinda Horror storie n Comic and I Love My Job...keepin bussy work's alot's!!My Favorite Place to visit is Beach,Go at midd nite getting naked n Make love in there,with My man til sunrise....Hmnh Love it!!!♥

♥My LiL Hobby...
My Hobbie,I like to Fishing,Cooking,Dancing,Caring n Loveing for sure...Ha!!!LoL And I Love Working!!♥

♥My Interest...
Astrology, Computers, Internet, Cooking, Crossword puzzles, Fitness, Inspiration, Listening to music, Massage, Meditating / yoga, Movies, My job, Photography, Singing music, Raising children, Reading ComiC,Magazines, Watching TV, Traveling, Wine and gourmet foods!!!♥

♥My Favorite Movie...
The Exorcist, Lock Stock Two Smoking Barrel, 8 Miles, Saving Private Ryan, Bad Boys, Bandits, Panic Room, Basic Instinc, Pirate Of The Carrabian, Swordfish, The Good Thief, Fight Club, Monty Phyton, The Ring, Catch Me If You Can, Van Helsing, The 6 Sense, PoRn Movie ( He,...He,... )♥

♥My Television ...
BBC, E, National Geo, Animax, HBO, Cinemax, Cartoon Network, CNN, MTv, Some Indo Tv Prgm...♥

♥My Music...
Halloween, N!N, The OffSpring, Linkin Park, KoRn, Creed, AudioSlave, GreenDay, Deep Purple, RhCp, RaTm, LoA, Praga, Roxette, The Cranberris, Eminem, Superman Is Death, Jambrud, Peter Pan, Padi...And My Bro Band SoD Rottor...LoL♥

♥My Dj Favorite...
Praga, Dj Tiesto, Dj Aligator, Dj Quicksilver, Dj Mangoo, Dj Sammy, Dennis The Menace, Jerry Ropero, Dj Witek, Philippe B, Todd Terry, Dj Riri...♥

♥Sorry...bout My silly Bio...Peace Out!!♥

♥*~~^^~~** NoW WhaT!!!**^^**|M4N7 z3X'5!!!*~~^^~~~*♥

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♥♥LoVe TheSe ShYYtT♥♥

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