Age: 38
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Engaged
Occupation: Music Music and Praga Khan
Location: Antwerp Belgium
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Our band PSY'AVIAH presents their new album "Entertainment Industries" to be released on our new record label "Alfa Matrix"..
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Belgium 2003 ? 3 musicians and friends had that little magic touch which gave birth to PSY'AVIAH, an eclectic band project that was apparently bound to be successful! In the same year, the trio was named winner of Belgium's famous radio station Studio Brussel's demopoll and they started to perform all across Europe.

Having acquired a certain reputation through their sexy and dynamic performances, and being perceived by many as one of the most promising talents on the Belgian indie scene with comparisons to SOLD OUT, PRAGA KHAN or yet FRONT 242, PSY'AVIAH decided to focus on the recording of their debut album "Creationism" that eventually was released in 2007.

With an open-minded progressive electro-rock music approach at the crossroads of dark EBM, electro clash and industrial rock, PSY'AVIAH manage to reach a rather diversified audience bringing them on stages of alternative rock festivals and other goth industrial events.

While teaming up again with producer Len Lemeire (32CRASH, ANNE CLARK, IMPLANT, UNTER NULL, etc.) for the recording of their second album, the Belgian trio again brilliantly score a top 20 entry in BBC's "The Next Big Thing" contest, they appear on several high-profile compilations, deliver various excellent remix works and ended up signing to Belgian record label Alfa Matrix.

For their new album, you can expect a more upbeat and danceable attitude, with the unique and sensual female vocals of Emélie and Yves' unmatched vicious synth arrangements. PSY'AVIAH are challenging the dark elektro genre by grabbing it by the horns and giving it a special twist by incorporating an electric pop rock tone to their work while infusing fresh modern techno trance ingredients to the whole lot.

www.myspace.com/psyaviah & www.trig.com/psyaviah & www.discogs.com/artist/psy'aviah

Emélie Nicolaï, Yves Schelpe and Kristof De Clerck

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink