Age: 59
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: This and that
Location: Edegem Belgium
My Biography
I have a son Sven, he's 21 now. You can meet him at Coa with username DJResoluti. We had a little dog Tobie, but he's sleeping in on We 19-10-2005, because of cancer...
In my free time I'm an amateur-photografer and I search on te web for Praga- and Loa-stuff.
If you had any question for me, just ask!!

24 August 2003.
Sven and I went to Maanrock at Mechelen where Praga closed the day. It was really amazing, they stole my heart! Since that day I've missed only a couple concerts of them. Our third concert was Dudstock at Dudzele, where we met a fantastic group of fans. Now they're all good friend of us. It was incredible for us that all the bandmembers came to the fans after each concert. They're all friendly and very symphatic!! RESPECT!!!

August 2006
History's repeating..... 3 years after our Praga discovery, they're playing back @ Maanrock Mechelen!!

6 October 2006
Maurice declares that Praga Khan temporarily stops with live actions!! Now we must kickin'off after a hilaric periode of live-gigs.... We will miss them....

3 december 2006
Last live Praga Khan concert for the next .. years.
The concert was fantastic, we had a lot of fun with the whole freaky fanclub, but also on the podium they made a lot of fun.. This was the best concert i've seen in the past 4 years! Thanks again Praga Khan, to let me meet a lot of people that became my friends!! RESPECT FOREVER!! Goodluck with all the others and new projects!

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