Age: 45
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Full time Ninjette
Location: Mentone Beach, CA. USA

My Biography
"In the house of pain, there are 10,000 shrines....Aleister Crowley

"More than just a corpse to a psychopathic clown"

Let's see....a little about me....well, I am a music whore and I listen to just about anything, but my favorites include (in no particular order of preference):

Marilyn Manson (obviously), NIN, Apoptygma Berserk, Velvet Acid Christ, Hocico, Wumpscut, Lords of Acid, Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares, Alec Empire, Lady Bunny, MSI, God Module, Suicide Commando, Converter, VNV Nation, Fictional, Blut Engel (just for Acidink!), Bel Canto, Switchblade Symphony, Type O Negative, Rob Zombie, Slipknot, Godsmack, Static-X, AFI, Adema, Powerman 5000, NOFX, FacetoFace, Pennywise, Pink (shut up, I know!), Adam Ant, Evanescence, Lil' Kim, Praga Khan, Assemblage 23, Wolfsheim, Sneaky Bat Machine, Goteki, London After Midnight, PLACiD, Funkervogt, Stabbing Westward, ICP, Twiztid, ABK, Blaze (my dead homie), Three Six Mafia (if ya nigga's ain't scared throw your set) and many, many more....

"Trunk fulla Faygo, car fulla fat chicks...."

I like photgraphy, making fake hairpieces, fairy stuff, cemetaries (I am aware how cheesy-goth that sounds), clubbing, tattoos, and piercings. If you wanna know anything else, please ask.

Tattoos (5): a fairy on my upper back, a fairy on my arm, a clover on my breastbone, Squee and Schmee from JTHM on my left leg, and a large tribal blade on my lower back. I want identical angels with black wings and horns holding up their halos with the ends of their devil tails sticking out from under their gowns on the back of each of my shoulders.

Piercings (4) not including ears: 14 g tongue, 14 g nipples, 14 g Christina. I want my cleavage pierced next (surface piercing) and ultimately my labret and medusa when I don't work for a Nazi boss!

These are a few of my favorite things:
Fave song: (s)aint by Manson, Cemetary Girl by ICP, and Spin the Bottle by Twiztid
Fave movies: Cecil B. Demented, Hackers, Quills, Alice in Wonderland, Big Money Hustlas and 8mm
Fave color(s): Black and Red or purple and lime green
Fave food: Sushi
Fave drink: Diet Coke
Fave cartoon: movie, Alice in Wonderland. Syndicated, The Smurfs
Fave Perfume: Amber Romance or Sweet Temptation, both by Victoria's Secret but most of all Angel!
Fave Cologne: Curve for Men
Fave time of day: Night
Fave season: Spring
Fave store: Torrid
Fave video game: Tony Hawk ProSkater 4 and DDR


Much love to the following:

Acidink ~ You treat me like a Princess and I am grateful for the royal treatment!
Ahng ~ If I ever switch sides, you're first in line. You're beautiful!
BettyPages ~ You are the sweetest thing ever! Thanks for everything!
BettyPg9 ~ My lil' genius! You'll accomplish great things, I know!!
Boococky ~ You make me blush on a daily basis!! You make me Hockey!!
Cassdra69 ~ OMG, girl, you rock the casbah! LMAO!
Cinder ~ My military buddy! I wuvs you! Thanks for saving all our sorry asses, even if not directly!!
DasBastard ~ When the Fuerer comes, I will follow....
Drtygoth ~ You make being bad look so good!
FukonDrugs ~ My lil weekend party buddy. I love you, man!
Glowstich,Wounded, and Skooter ~ HOW I LOOOOOOVE MY GARFIELD HGTS BOIS!!
HexonXonX ~ My internet smoking buddy! GhettoGoth Forever!
IchigoMilk ~ President of the Fake Hair for Club Kids..."I'm also a client" LMFAO!!!
Isuck69 - My main juggalo!! Ima marry you, where the fuck's my ring? LOL
Lanconater ~ RyAn and I are walking to hunt you down as you read this, be prepared!
Liquidream ~ Awww, Matty....I so love you, you are an awesome friend, thank you for everything! Sorry I put you through all that.
LOA ~ We're gonna go live happily ever after in our Ice Castle. Directions from Cali again?? You're great, I love ya!
Misfitt ~ Wow, now THAT'S a fish! LOL
Obscura ~ I love you lil girl no matter what your name......:)
RyAn ~ My little cuddle buddy, thanks for being my friend!! :)
SanDzNutzz ~ No matter what kinda day I am having, you make it better, thanks!
Sickgirl ~ Blaze girl, blaze!
SinPixie ~ My defender! I love you girl, thanks!
SpOOkshow ~ For being so visually intimidating, you are the sweetest guy! You crack me up with your random drunken messages. I adore you!
SPIDER ~ You are a great guy! Make room for a visit from Tank and I once you're settled and we'll go wreak havoc on Colorado!
Tankgirl ~ You have been my bestfriend for 11 yrs. Thanks for putting up with my bullshit so long. I love you, girl, I mean it!
TeknoGeek ~ Aww, my heart! You are unlike anyone I have ever met! Follow your "dream".
ub3x ~ You poor tortured soul! Webcams are the DEVIL!
V2thaG ~ We're so gonna do that band thing one day!
xmanwhorex ~ My lil' smartass Michigan boy! You are awesome! See you soon!!

My apologies to any that were missed that feel they deserve some sorta appreciation.....lemme know and I'll see if you're deemed worthy....

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink