Age: 36
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Committed
Location: Vernon, CT. USA

My Biography
I was in a head on collision on 7/29/04. I just got out of the trauma center at hartford hospital. I was there since thursday. I have a brusied brain and I had a collapsed left lung. They had to stick a tube in my chest to reinflate it! They took the tube out of me on sunday. I bruised my ribs and i broke my sternum and I don't remember the accident. My friend saw it happen and from what he says it wasn't my fault. I had just cashed my check at the grocery store and was going to get gas down the road. The road you travel on has 2 lanes to each side and between the gas station and the grocery store is a fitness center. Supposedly the fitness center I swerved from the left passing lane into the right slow lane and slammed on my brakes because a women had pulled out in front of me and come to a complete stop. From what I hear the woman claimed full responsibility and the engine is where i was sitting.

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It's hard to keep my spirit's up and it's easy to get me down. I take life as it's given to me. We as a collective have no patience, short tempers', and no respsect toward the values of which is that of life.

Love is overrated. The word is excessively used, and has become the modern day cliche. Nowadays it's hard to contradict when the word love is used being used meaningfully, or people just have a hidden agenda.

We as a whole degrade, demoralize, and desensitize others with senseless acts of aggression, animosity, and death. As long as we don't detest to the superficial, futile, and infantile malarkey that plagues us as mortals, we will be able to survive anything that life throws at us. It's a shame that us as a whole and individually can't deal with the melancholy of life so we try to subjugate others lives to regain the feeling of control that we feel we've lost in our role as mortals.

I believe that everyone has a right to breathe the same air as we do, and should be given a second chance when they screw up.

So give them that second chance.


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