Age: 38
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: DRUMMER (i wanna rock)
Location: garfield hts., OH. USA

My Biography

Ok kids my name is skooter and a lil about myself i'm the drummer of a local band (the infamous mr. white) we play shows and we made are first live cd its called ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT and now finished a 7 song EP LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE it is on sale for a $2 and we also played with Kill Hannah and on the vurge of geting sighned. Other then that i'm what else to talk about ummm, i sometimes skateboard and snowboard as long if thars snow.If u want know more about me send me a message or aim me at sko0terk1d or go to go to the bands and look under skooter. So check ya l8er masturb8ers.


The Infamous Mr. White(my band),Mindless Self Indulgence,Lords Of Acid,Kill Hannah,KMFDM,Orgy,Manson,Muderdolls,Powerman 5000,Bile,Chevelle,Seether,Taproot,Breaking benjamin,311,Genitorturers,Silverchair,Foo Fighters,Audio Slave,Korn,Spineshank,Godhead,Gravity Kills,Nothingface,Slipknot,Evenesens,Crossbread,Coal Chamber,Twisted Sister,AFI,DRI,and alot more.just ask.


Serial I love you ur my gutar player and yes Robert Smith is hott.

funboylove What can I say I love you your so fun and in timw aswell we will have some fun years ahead of us.

Wounded You are my best freand i love you man and im proud remember that.

glowstitch Your the funniest kid i ever meet.

woodspunk aka IHOP, I knew you forever u gotta move bake to garfield.

angryyouth Your just so redickuless.

MeinReich I miss you and dont forget about Pussy Yes Valintine.

AcidAshley Your so cute i wanna give u a hug.

Alora We never hang out nomore.

faboobusty J-lo big boobs magee

starshyne What can i say i love hanging out with you ur so fun to be with.

lilkitty Awwww your so adoribol.

ToxicHate I tolled you im more talkitive haha but i still love yea.

Fetus hot pants lol

Extended Crush List

11 christfuct
12 starshyne
13 wounded
14 glowstitch
15 ToxicHate
16 Alora
17 Fetus

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink