Age: 47
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single and Bitter
Occupation: mgr/stripper/porn star
Location: baltimore, MD. USA
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praise the lords.



college/university: university of maryland - baltimore county , attended 1994 - 1997 , english/secondary education certification

current courses: none

affiliations: none

hobbies and interests: wearing costumes, voyeurism, travel, tequila, taoism, spirituality, singing, sex, roleplay, renaissance, reading, phychology, philosophizing, music, movies, making costumes, painting, history, hiking, halloween, goth, gaming[wh40k epic40k bfg lotr:fotr shadowrun vampire et al in nomine wraith cthulhu adnd lotr:fotr:ccg m:tg wh40k:ccg the crow:ccg illuminati:ccg], film[is that the same as movies? oh hell, i ought to have just said cinema...], fetishes, fetish magazines, discussing, dancing, costumes, cooking, comics, coffee, clubbing, books, buddhism, bdsm, art, anime, alcohol, acting

favorite books: the zombie survival guide, starship troopers, sandman, peace is every step, moon is a harsh mistress, lord of the rings, interview with the vampire, harry potter, good omens, black seas of infinity, a midsummer nights dream

favorite movies: wings of desire, run lola run, rocky horror picture show, seven samauri, se7en, serial mom, the princess bride, pi, nightmare before christmas, moulin rouge, metropolis, memento, magnolia, lotr, labyrinth, kill bill, hedwig and the angry inch, heathers, harry potter, forever night, fight club, dead filler lives, dangerous liasions, the crow, clerks, chainsaw sally, braveheart, akira, 8 1/2

favorite music: :wumpscut:, voltaire, vnv nation, violent femmes, velvet acid christ, tool, talking heads, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, the smiths, gramme revell, pet shop boys, nine inch nails, peter murphy, morrissey, ministry, lords of acid, k. m. f. d. m., hocico, peter gabriel, funker vogt, depeche mode, danny elfman, the cure, nick cave, johnny cash, david bowie, bjork, almost anything 80's

favorite tv shows: west wing, south park, the sopranos, the simpsons, mst3k, lost, law and order, futurama, flcl, family guy, excel saga, the daily show, arrested development, adult swim

about me: my cats breath smells like catfood...

life is too short to let experiences pass by...

i can't stand people who nag, complain, talk during movies
in the theatre, and/or constantly need to be entertained. i
like to go out to dance [80s or futurepop/industrial] and
party [friends or clubs], but ever so often its good to
just sit, relax, and read or have some time alone. i am a
little bit goth and a little bit freak; i have some
piercings and a tattoo. sometimes i have deep philosophical
discussions with friends over shots. sometimes i have
bullshit sessions about movies and comics with friends over
beers. i try not to take life too seriously but find that difficult. however, life is not worth living if you are not having fun.

who i want to meet: clementine or marla singer

bearing that, you, if you have no inhibitions...

are you intelligent, honest, eclectic, loyal, flexible,
passionate, open-minded, opinionated, and play well with
others? do you wait to talk or do you really listen? do you
play well with others and like meeting new and different
people? do you enjoy music? do you realize the importance
of the basic things in life like a good cup of coffee or a
clear nighttime sky full of stars? do you like to have fun
in bed? atheists need not apply.

"das ist deine welt/das sind deine mitmenschen/du kannst heute fur dich leben/oder fur alle die zukunft von morgen aufbauen." - rohan harris

"let my enemies cower at my advance and tremble at the sight of me."

what the fuck...

2002.11.05 00:10am
just came back from the lords of acid show in dc. boy was it fucking incredible! the prologue featured religious footage and a black hooded and cloaked person with lights working the crowd. then praga, deb, et al came out and opened with 'sex bomb!' deb adorned a skimpy white latex nurse's outfit with the front zipper unzipped below her chest. she kept taunting the crowd by bending over and turning this way and that. eventually we got to see those white latex panties with two black farstucker stars on the cheeks! a guy and a girl were brought on stage for an interesting version of 'lover boy/lover girl.' deb eventually bound the two together with electrical tape and continually thrust her body upon one and then the other. the whole time praga looked like her was having too much fun. deb climbed upon a bed and did her dirty dance to 'rough sex.' during 'spank my booty' deb tried to whip praga's behind and got four willing female recruits on stage and gave them each rubber cat-o-nine tails. unfortunately, none of the participants really got into the booty spanking and only one was really dancing. who ever the girl was all the way stage right closest to praga and dressed like a schoolgirl, 'you made every guy and girl in the audience want you!' LOL. damn, nothing like fishnets and a red plaid skirt! a definite highlight for me was when deb left the stage to change and praga lead the entire club in '...worship the lords.' i love blasting that song in my car, so to shout 'PRAISE THE LORDS, FUCK THE REST!' was a real treat for me. deb came back in a black latex bustier and black latex pants with flames. and lead the crowd in 'screwed by you.' it is indescribable to have deb snarl and point at you while saying 'and you, and you and YOU!' what a rush! not too much was played from voodoo-u or heaven is an orgasm. they did perform they newest song 'gimmie gimmie' while playing the video on a screen in the background. the video is awesome and if you want to see it, go to its well worth the wait to download! deb also sung 'stripper' while praga took off her pants to reveal tight black latex boy short shorts. lets see, what else what else... oh, they came back on stage for the encore to 'i sit on acid.' '...praga come here...' and of course the encore included 'pussy' with audience participation. deb grabbed about 5 of the hottest girls in the front row to come up on stage. the first had a tight black bone corset on with silver nipples poking out. two of the other girls on stage had corsets on as well and the first girl pulled up her black skirt all the way in the front. all of them were all over deb. one girl had to pried off of praga. too much fun... of course i would have liked to here 'mister machoman,' 'i like it,' 'rover take over,' 'do what you wanna do,' and 'the most wonderful girl,' but maybe they will read this and mix it up a bit. let me know! anyone who went to the dc show and would like me to add or correct anything, please feel free to email me and of course as i remember things i will add and edit. all in all, the 9:30 club is one of the best venues i have ever been to if not the best. the lords made excellent use of the stage. it was a great show. i saw one guy [stage left next to the speakers] who had a coa shirt on! you rock whomever you are!
rover take over is a song about - (45 Votes)

a sexual position. - 37 (82%)
a woman. - 4 (8%)
a dog. - 2 (4%)
a man. - 1 (2%)
a cat. - 1 (2%)

is the pic of 'my new tattoo?' sinister or serene - (23 Votes)

sinister and serene - 8 (34%)
serene - 6 (26%)
mostly serene - 4 (17%)
sinister - 4 (17%)
mostly sinister - 1 (4%)
who is your fav rocky horror picture show character? - (29 Votes)

magenta - 10 (34%)
riff raff - 6 (20%)
other - 5 (17%)
frank - 5 (17%)
eddie - 3 (10%)
did george w bush lie about iraq having weapons of mass destruction? - (29 Votes)

hell yes! - 21 (72%)
probably not - 3 (10%)
i think so - 3 (10%)
no way - 1 (3%)
yes - 1 (3%)
edwards... good idea? - (25 Votes)

yeah man! - 13 (52%)
why not? - 4 (16%)
sure - 3 (12%)
um... not really - 3 (12%)
definitely not! - 2 (8%)
what to wear? - (47 Votes)

leather - 24 (51%)
latex - 13 (27%)
cotton - 5 (10%)
spandex - 4 (8%)
polyester - 1 (2%)
go to and pic my new profile pic - (20 Votes)

1 - 11 (55%)
3 - 6 (30%)
4 - 2 (10%)
5 - 1 (5%)
2 - 0 (0%)

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