Age: 54
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Married
Occupation: Pshrink
Location: Orlando, FL.

My Biography
Just a quick note to answer questions about my main pic. No, that girl is not my wife (Alphagirl). However, Alphagirl is in many of my other profile pics. Now, on to my profile...

Need some extra spots for all those digital pics? Your troubles are over! Now, thanks to a generous donor who purchased Alphagirl a membership, I have plenty of extra picture space. I am therefore willing to rent out my extra real estate to the highest bidder. All bids will be considered. Act now and don't miss out on this special opportunity!

Fine Print: This offer not available in Cuba or China. Bids may not be submitted by minors without parental consent. Offer subject to availability. Contact Sandro Corp. for further details.

Likes: music, movies, CGI videos, billiards, boating, beaches, casinos.

Dislikes: politicians, lawyers, my old stockbroker (recommended stocks that really made me broker), tickets, Ticketmaster (charging me $52 for a $39 Korn ticket), ego-centric people.

Bands that Rock: LOA, Prodigy, Crystal Method, Orgy, Linkin Park, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie. Other cool sounds: AFI, BT, DM, KMFDM, NIN, The Cure, Paul Oakenfold, Traci Lords (Juno Reactor), Orbital, Concrete Blonde, Enya (Yea, I know, the last one is WAY out of place, but Orinoco Flow is awesome).

Favorite TV Shows: South Park, That 70's Show, Survivor

Favorite Actress: Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman (what kinda name is Uma?...Good thing she is hot and can act)!

Favorite Place: Capri (and most of Europe)

Favorite Position: Reverse Cowgirl

Quotes: "You live what you learn" LP

Top 5 "Fucks":
1. What the Fuck was THAT?!?!?...Mayor of Hiroshima

2. Look at all those Fucking indians!...General Custer

3. Of course its Fucking unsinkable, why else would I chart a course through all these icebergs? ...Captain of Titanic

4. Who the Fuck let her fly?...NASA mission commander

5. What a stupid place to plant a Fucking tree!...Me after totaling my car :(

Date/Time: 08/03/2003 - 09:16 pm

Str8freakin: That is a very nice woman you have there, know where I can get one?

Sandro: Need to catch them as they get off the boat from Aruba and are still innocent! (Caught mine her first night here) Then you introduce her to LOA and slowly corrupt her :P ......Either that, or call 1-800-ESCORTS-R-US


Sandro: What are the chances of me having sex three nights in a row?

Vintageboi: Your chance of having sex three nights in a row are better than me flushing my goddamn toilet. :p

Sandro: that a yes or a no?!?!?

Vintageboi: If S=sex and F=my toilet flushing....Then S>F


Sandro: Heh...I am all about scoring legal drugs...keeps me out of trouble.

Str8freakin: Make sure you get some Propecia.

Sandro: No, that stuff makes you grow hair. I already get nervous when Alphagirl goes near my balls with a razor. Last thing I need is to start sprouting massive amounts of hair down there!!!

How to escape a cop: Author Unknown
1. Run away
2. Hide
3. Throw him a donut

Limp Dick Limerick, Author Unknown

Hey Diddle Diddle,
My penis is little
And shriveled and shrunk like a prune.
But if you will squeeze it
And tease it, and please it...
It'll blow up just like a balloon.

What is the most number of people you have had sex with at once? - (100 Votes)

Two other...................33 (33%)
One other...................25 (25%)
Does my hand count?.17 (17%)
Three other.................15 (15%)
All out Orgy................10 (10%)

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink