Age: 42
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Married
Occupation: Problem Solver
Location: New York USA

My Biography

When bullets fly and people cry, it will be I telling no lies and ready, always ready to do battle against dark forms bent on hurting you. Painted with no scent, and my heart heavy from the visions that abound around us, I will rise up and take form. No demon or angel could recognize me as I move to and fro in the medium of the battle field at hand, with my plan, to kill , everyone of them. If elegance could take form on earth, she would be offended by which style I move in tune to the rhytm of the beat. Out of step... Out of line... In my time... as I step up for murder. Mind loose and hand firm upon the subject at hand. Ready to say "Hey, ready to take a life today? Jussis' good a day as any to die for me."
One last check on my peace, a deep breath, a deep magazine, folded legs, assembled soldier, ready ready ready to be unleashed from himself and do what others can not, stop. Rewind. Press Play. And prepare yourselfs for the breakdown of man here on earth. It's been comin', just comin' right along, waitin' waitin' for a song. And in life I'll walk and hear the sounds and songs that don't activate me but when that time comes, you'll unleash the beast. Animal within, creator of sin, and take down my fine enemies and leave the weak protected again, If I can, forever and ever again.

Take the time to watch this... It might change your life.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink