Age: 36
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Private swim instructor
Location: New Paltz, NY. USA

My Biography
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Shakespeare, Aristotle, King, Asprin, Rawling, Tolkien, Orwell, Montgomery, Homer, Plato, Poe, Hughes, Frost, Angelou, Tomlinson...


Gir♥,latex,corsets,kinky sex in creative places,body art,vampiric tendencies,nails,role play,nite,skirts,rain,storms,pools,hot tubs,showers...biting, scratching,light touches,washing or playing w/ my hair,piercings,tattoos,stomach,hands on my face or neck,boobs,licking,teasing,*glitter*,dares, edible body confections, massages,whispering,ears,thighs,chains,candles,kissing,necks,fingers,waistlines,hips,UFOS,bondage,disregard for ignorant people,concerts,circular motions,PVC,toys,late-nite convos,fuckign fomr behind♥...

I ♥...

the way water glistens&how beautiful people look as they swim.

looking into someone's eyes and knowing how deeply they care.

knowing that just talking to that person can make your entire day worthwhile no matter how bad it was,even if they have no clue.

the way your hair feels right after it's cut.

being with friends.

forgetting that there's a "real world".

the look that kids give you when you show them a ball or make them think they can do anything.

the Peter Pan feeling.

everlasting love. Nomatter what kind.

the sound underwear makes when thrown across the room...*WHOOSH*

that you can try your hardest but you can't get rid of someone that really loves you. Thank God.

the nervous feeling you get every time you make love to the person who you always want to please.

the fact that looking into my eyes makes me feel completely exposed & I'm starting to crave that feeling.

inside jokes.

the look she gives me that makes me want to do anything and everything for her.

people who say "NO!" to the thought of kids, but show they love em anyways. Liars.

forgiveness for mistakes that you realize should never have been made.

wanting to be as artistic as you see others.

promises of forever.

this ring♥.

You know you want my body, fat kids are so sexy!

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