Age: 42
Sex: Female
Location: Fairfax, VA. USA

My Biography
i've been a lords fan for a loong time.... you may recognize me as the girl all taped up as lovergirl at the 9:30 club show in dc on nov. 4th, 2002 ;)

"All persons, living and dead, are purely coincidental, and should not be construed." ~Kurt Vonnegut

A LITTLE ABOUT ME: i'm a poor, poor college student trying to get to vet school

ADDICTIONS: anime (sailor moon, evangelion, cowboy bebop, dna^2, lain...), piercings (8 of them), snowboarding, fuzzy things, blue things, sparkly things, animal print things, the family guy, the simpsons, angry kid, any cartoon by don hertzfeldt, sifl and olly (they're crescent fresh), 80's music, ♥ MashiMaro ♥, dark beer, good vodka, and lemurs

MUSIC: LOA, NIN, tool, blackalicious, soul coughing, jurassic 5, gorillaz, common rider, operation ivy, royksopp, air, thievery corporation, the smiths, morcheeba, portishead, violent femmes, tori amos, ani difranco, aphex twin, radiohead, cake, bjork, kruder and dorfmeister, duran duran, zero 7, depeche mode, the cure, chemical brothers, beck.... um... anything that makes me shake my booty... the list goes on and on...

FAVORITE MOVIE: Labyrinth... i have the tat to prove it ;)

OTHER GREAT MOVIES: the dark crystal, pulp fiction, fargo, bottlerocket, better off dead, the breakfast club, fight club, snatch, lock stock and two smoking barrels, four rooms, benny and joon, what's eating gilbert grape, the royal tenenbaums, fear and loathing, best in show, trainspotting, very bad things, kill bill, ♥Donnie Darko♥

*~RIP Elliot Smith~*
♥*~Rest in peace, miss Lucy~*♥
I've found a new addiction.... myspace...
Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink