Age: 35
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Single
Occupation: masseuse, therapist
Location: seffner, FL. USA

My Biography
i see in others
what i sometimes feel in myself
this is why i watch
i see in these few a small peice of me
a slight reflection in my head
this is why i watch them
a rarity to feel, the shudder of recognition
in those i have chosen
this is why i watch closely
the devestating pleasure of seeing a mirror in your soul
how i long for that Heavenly Hell
this is why i watch you

i love mud wrestling, lol. i'm a country girl at heart, but neways, i'm about 5'2", 123lbs, nice rack, cute butt (so i'm told), longish blonde/brown hair with fire-engine red tips and bangs, eyebrow peircing, tattoo on my right calf, slightly muscular (i work out at lifestyles), brown/green eyes. um, as far as my personality, you'll have to ask about that

um, as far as music, i love electro, house, rock, such as korn, ozzy, old school metalica, rammstein, cradle of filth, and a whole bunch of other random shnit

i read all the friggin' time, i've always got some new book that i've got my nose in. sum of my favs are queen of the damned, a child called it, anything by laurell k hamilton, dean koontz, basically everything

i'm a really big philosophical thinker, i love to watch people and observe their personalities, but i also have a really overactive imagination. just ask me about my theory of my origin, lol

dream as if you'll love forever, live as if you'll die

if life is made with a sin, then is death a redemption?
and if so, why a heaven and a hell?
are we judged by our actions and our descisions, or by out thoughts and our wishes?
and if so, who makes that choice?
-written by me!

Kinky ABC's

A is for asphyxiation you won't catch your breath
B is for the blindfold that keeps you dark as death
C is for your cockroach that I squash beneath my shoe,
while I watch it wiggle and laugh at you (ha ha)
D is for my dildo that you will learn to blow
E is for your enema, I control the flow
F is for my flogger, I whip you so violent
G is for the gag in place to keep your screaming silent
H is for humiliation that you must bear
I will imobilize you in my sexual lair
J is for your jizzy, jerking tendency
K for kisses
L for love, and licks you offer me
M is for the manacles imprisoned in your feet
N is for your nelly little nimby so sweet
O is for the O-rings holding you in place
P is for the persperation dripping down your face
Q is for the quirk I use to whip your eager ass
R is for restraints to make the magic last
S is for sweet suffering that only you will know
T is for the torment that keeps you on the go
U is for unbridaled lust that only I control,
as I claim for my own your body, mind and soul
V is for the vicious urge to struggle in vain,
while I tease and tantalize you and eroticise your pain
W is where the wily woman walks
X is for excruciating X rated talk
Y is your the yo yo I yank upon your string,
watch you yell and holler with all the pleasure that it brings
Z is for the zestfulness with which you will submit,

Now I've taught you every letter so remember all of it!

Twinkle twinkle little slut, now I spank your naughty butt
Once I've warmed it you will cry, and I'll wipe your teary eye
Don't forget the lessons learned or your rumpsticks will be burned.

A-B-C you and me
K-I-N-K spells S-E-X
ABC's of S-E-X
F-U-N spells K-I-N-K

Ba ba black sheep in my school,
you'll be shorn of all your wool,
a lesson in submission another in pain,
after graduation things will never be the same.
You'll become my grumbling fool,
drowning in a puddle of your own drool.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink